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  • De Blasio is a Jew just like George Soros.  He is turning on his own.  He will eventually pay for his ways as will George.

  • New York City and the NYPD have now bceome the Nazi gestopo.....thie is rediculous and they don't do anything to stop it.....nine more days and it is over!!!!

  • THIS can NOT be tolerated!!!  These cops are violating their Oath, the U.S Constitution, and numerous rights of these people! This is COMMUNISM under Warren Wilhelm, i.e, DeBlasio. Step UP NY!!!!!

  • These people have the right to gamble with COVID.  If they want to gather, it is their right.  DeBlasio has "NO" right to use the police in this private matter. This virus is being used to rule over people with an iron fist.  DeBlasio has used and abused the police for far too long.

  • This is how the Holocaust started... where has the institutional memory of law enforcement gone?  The people of NYC need to march on City Hall demanding every single elected official resign subject to new elections... and they need to camp out on the steps until they do resign ... this is a national disgrace.  Who's next.. Christians, Conservatives, Libritarians?  What happened to due process and our Constitutional Rights under the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, & 14th Amendments?

  • First, one must have 'standing' to bring a case before the Courts... one needs to be injured and have jurisdiction/law to bring the case.  The choice for where to initiate the lawsuit is also critical... one needs the right judges... district, and appellate in the chain of progression to the SCOTUS. Next, it takes lots of money to fund such a case and expert legal counsel...

    The Police Unions could easily bring such a case... locate an officer forced to retire early due to his refusal to obey a clearly unconstitutional executive order... then file a lawsuit to reinstate the officer and establish a legal principle that law enforcement officers may refuse unconstitutional orders without penalty... let the union fund the process.

    However, many unions are not willing to do what I suggest as they are leftist in their underbelly... and simply refuse to do so.

  • No warrant, enforcing Unconstitutional REGULATIONS... not law.  It is Orwellian and this officer needs to stand down or be relieved... he is supposed to be defending the Constitutional rights of our citizens not violating them.  If there is a health hazard get a judge to issue a warrant and take the case to court and the Jewish Citizens can appeal to the Judge or jury for their constitutional civil rights.  No more RULE BY ADMINISTRATIVE FIAT ... Mayoral 'executive orders' that clearly violate Constitutional protections which guarantee the right to the free exercise of our religion and to assemble peaceably... should be ignored by the police department (not enforced)  The Police officers union needs to stand with every officer who refuses to enforce clearly unconstitutional Executive Orders and Regulations as per their oath of office.

    • Well said ... please see my comment below.

  • Why are the police officers following orders they should be inforcing the Constitution of the United States "Freedom of Religious 

    • The Police Officers are being disciplined inappropriately by their superiors... they are being singled out for disciplinary action if they refuse to enforce an unconstitutional order, regulation, or law. The Police Officers UNIONS need to stand shoulder to shoulder, steadfastly refusing such orders...

      The Police Officers Union needs to issue a notice to the City or State, citing which Executive Order, Regulation, or Laws they believe to be unconstitutional and will not enforce. It is the duty of the POLICE to defend the constitutional rights of all citizens.  The POLICE UNIONS need to insist that Police Officers have a fundamental right to disobey orders, regulations, and laws, which are fundamentally unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable.

      Police Unions need to be proactive on this matter... issuing notice to the pertinent CIty or State officials and their law enforcement Supervisors, that the Officers of their Union will not obey unconstitutional orders. The Union should cite the ordinance, executive order, etc., that they intend on ignoring. They then need to stand ready to defend their position in court and with resistance to enforcement... refusing to enforce the order,etc., until an appropriate court of jurisdiction has 'properly' ruled that the law, order, or regulation is constitutional.

      This is not happening as their unions are empty shells ... there only to protect the officers and not their duty to the Constitution or their OATH OF OFFICE... the union's are major problems and need to be shamed into doing their duty by the officers of the union and the general public.

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