5286429468?profile=RESIZE_400xA field hospital set up in Brooklyn specifically for coronavirus patients is now being dismantled without having served a single patient, The City reported.

As New York City quickly became the global COVID-19 epicenter, city officials ordered that many sites across the city be converted into field hospitals. At the time, experts said the growing pandemic would easily overwhelm the city's hospital system.

One such site transformed into a hospital was the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook, which was designed to treat nearly 700 patients.

According to The City, the field hospital was "slated to open in mid-April but wasn't ready for service until May 4." But by the time construction was completed, New York's coronavirus-related hospital population had dropped significantly, meaning the city no longer needed the field hospital.

And now, the site is being demolished.

What's worse, city officials reportedly expect the Federal Emergency Management Agency — via the taxpayer — to pick up the $20.8 million tab for constructing and tearing down the temporary site.

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  • Are you sure that the NY Public is voting for them ... or are the elections TAMMANY HALL STYLE... Rigged to arrive at predetermined outcomes?  I venture to say that the majority of NY citizens are not happy with the Democrats and that many of the are in office thru voter and election fraud.


    Tammany Hall
    Tammany Hall was a New York City political organization that endured for nearly two centuries. Formed in 1789 in opposition to the Federalist Party,…
  • What is the mindset of these new york voters that has them continously voting these derelicts, like cuomo and deblasio into office. I guess anyone with a brain has already moved out of the state. 

  • With these facilities why was it necessary to house the infected elderly in nursing homes with those who were not infected.... Gov. Cuomo ordered the infected elderly to be forced into quarantine in nursing homes... most of which did not have any infected.  The Result was devastating on the elderly population of New York... what motivated the Governor to do what everyone knew would result in an exponentially greater number of deaths among those over 60.

    • He's an arrogant, leftist POS. We can't expect anything better than that from the likes of him.


  • this is crazy but on the other hand look at who's is the governor and Mayor of New York City.

  • Gentle readers am I the only that has noticed that all the states hit hardest by the pandemic are sanctuary states governed by politically correct liberal idiots?

    • Nope....not at all.  I saw an article a couple of days ago where an investigation has been started as to why there seems to be another surge in L.A.   Could  it be because of so many illegals?   Or because the Hollyweird celebrities go out and about, which none of the rest are allowed to do...?   Remember when Tom Hanks and his wife came back from Australia, and were seen driving all over L.A.?    Many celebrities ignored the lockdown:  Kylie Jenner, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Tom Brady, Josh Brolin, Evangeline Lily, Iggy Azalea, Luke Jovic, Kendall Jenner.

      Yeah, you know, the typical "rules are for thee, not for me..."

    • The states that are getting hardest hit are not only sanctuary states, but they are the ones that are morally bankrupt. They vast majority of the people in these states detest God, are worshipping Satan the Great Deceiver and Father of Lies, legalized mind altering drugs, legalized abortion and infanticide, restricting speech via political correctness, not operating within their annual budgets, trying to ban guns, etc..


    • You're not expecting an argument are you?   ;o)

  • This is another example of Mayor DeBlasio's lack of foresight and planning. He made this rash decision to set up this field hospital to cover his behind and make it look like he had had the Coronavirus situation under control. 

    Most likely this decision was made without considering the cost of setting up and disassembling his field hospital. Being a typical big spender liberal, he will always go begging and demanding to the federal government to pay for his ill advised decisions.


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