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Critics slammed The New York Times on Sunday for an article that suggested the American flag has become a symbol of divisiveness.

The New York Times published an article on Saturday titled: 'A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite.'

In the article, Pulitzer Prize finalist Sarah Maslin Nir examined how the American flag 'once a unifying symbol' has become a divisive symbol in the United States along political party lines.

The article cites people living on Long Island who have become hesitant about flying the Stars and Stripes outside of their homes or businesses.

'What was once a unifying symbol – there is a star on it for each state, after all – is now alienating to some, its stripes now fault lines between people who kneel while 'The Star-Spangled Banner' plays and those for whom not pledging allegiance is an affront,' Nir wrote.

'And it has made the celebration of the Fourth of July, of patriotic bunting and cakes with blueberries and strawberries arranged into Old Glory, into another cleft in a country that seems no longer quite so indivisible, under a flag threatening to fray.' 

In the piece by Nir, she also cited a recent survey conducted by YouGov and NBCLX that found 66% of Republicans associated the flag with the Grand Old Party while only 34% of Democrats said they associated it with their party.

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  • The American Flag is intended to be UNIFYING, not DIVISIVE. The only people who find it divisive are those who hate Freedom and Constitutional Law, and those people can move elsewhere anytime they wish!  I highly recommend Venezuela.

  • Why does anybody in their own right mind subscribe to or read the New York Times garage newsaper?!!!

  • The New York Times should move their newspaper to China or Russia since they are so stupid to know how they become free to say anything and not worried going to jail or be killed idiots they should move out of the country they hate and let those who want to come to this country they love take their place 

  • the nyt should change it's name to pravda

  • Don't like it here, then leave!  I will help you pack!

  • Pulitzer Prize finalist Sarah Maslin Nir is a seditionist and has no idea of what she is talking about.  The de"mock"rats are traitors and everyone of them, with few exceptions, should be in jail.  Let's start with Nir!

  • If you don't  like flag, you love my country  you are more than welcome  to  leave this country ...


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