The New York Times has finally confirmed what many political observers had been saying all along about the Capitol riots: It was pre-planned, the Capitol Police knew it was coming, and authorities effectively gave a ‘stand down’ order.

A new 104-page report dropped by an internal investigator shreds authorities for intentionally hampering the police response on what has subsequently been claimed was a “coup,” an “insurrection,” and an attempt to “overturn” the results of the 2020 election.

The Inspector General of the Capitol Police laid bare all of the disturbing issues involved with the way the January 6th Electoral College security was mishandled.

“A new report by the Capitol Police’s internal watchdog found that department leaders overlooked key intelligence in the run-up to the riot on Jan. 6, including a warning that ‘Congress itself is the target,’ and barred the force’s riot response unit from using its most powerful crowd-control measures,” the New York Times reported.

“The 104-page document, entitled ‘Review of the Events Surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021, Takeover of the U.S. Capitol,’ is the most searing portrait yet of the lapses and miscalculations around the most violent attack on the Capitol in two centuries,” the Times continued. “It adds significant new detail not unearthed in congressional hearings and is likely to inform a coming overhaul of the agency promised by lawmakers.”

“In a 104-page document, the inspector general, Michael A. Bolton, criticized the way the Capitol Police prepared for and responded to the mob violence on Jan. 6,” the Times said about the unpublished report. “The report was reviewed by The New York Times and will be the subject of a Capitol Hill hearing on Thursday.”

At the Trump impeachment trial, it was revealed that Congress had been warned by the now-resigned Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund an attack from extremists was coming days before the uprising. House impeachment manager Rep. Stacey Plaskett revealed the explosive information on the second day of the Senate trial.

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  • The extremists they were referring to were the ANTIFA and BLM. What is not being exposed here is the report from the Washington Post. The report from the Washington Post on Jan. 7 is that the FBI had facial recognition pictures of known ANTIFA leaders breaching the capitol, not Trump supporters. This inforematikon is available on a simple google search or any other search engine. I have posted comments on this Tea Party web site before and I have yet to recieve any feed back. Go do some research on these issues and then come back and tell us whta you have read. I don't beleive half of what I read here. If you are too damned lazy to do the research then get the hell of of here.

  • Better yet is the Washington Post story that came out on January 7. In that report the Post wrote that the FBI had pictures of ANTIFA leading the attack. This is available online with a simple search. Ilhan Ohmar admitted that she was warned a week ahead of the ANTIFA doing something at the Trump rally. Again, this is all available online.


    • True and I have or had a copy... it was real HOLLYWOOD style!

  • And does anyone believe the msm media will cover this?  I certainly don't Quite frankly it wouldn't surprise me if people like Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Omar, Pressley and Tlieb and several other Dems were behind organizing it.  I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but I don't put anything dirty and/or illegal past the Dems.

  • Trump is involved in. This, or so they say. Let's all pray this comes true. Biden is not our president under this new government. Going to digital currency based on gold standard. Certain banks are gone. Elites and Cabal no longer in charge. God's disciple Donald Trump had a plan and it looks very good. Pray this really happens so we can rid our country of all these disciples of the devel are no more

    NESARA Has Merged With GESARA
  • She was part of this from thr planning on. She shoukd have been hauled off for ripping up the SOTU. Now she is a certifiable insurrectionist.

  • I TRULY believe NANCY PELOSI Was The Cheif Player in that Fraud Insurection..!

  • 8800120866?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • We knew about Peolsi telling them to stand down why do the evil always get away with it not one peson in our government is honest they are ALL EVIL to the core


    • If Pelosi did issue the STAND DOWN command....then why hasn't this been exposed????

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