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  • I guess after guns.... the next thing on this idiots list will be our vehicles ..  The criminals are innocent riders, while the vehicle is mowing people down !!! 

  • What a idiot !!!    Guns don't kill people. ...... People kill people !   Start using the death penalty !!!

  • Its never the weapon, be it a firearm, A knife, A baseball bat or a bowling ball. It is always the person the weapon guilty of the crime, and restricting/removing one type of weapon will in no way restrict/stop the person from a crime they are committed to do.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • let's send this governor a strong message that tourists bring money . tourists have the right to be protected. if you don't care to do that then we'll spend our revenue else where

    • Amen


    • I live in NJ.   No way could you pay me enough to get me to go to NYC.

    • Amen to that ! I live in Maryland and you couldn't pay me enough to go up to Baltimore !  All the blue SANCTUARY CITIES have murder rates that are growing by the minute !!!! Every night it's 3 & 4 murders on the news !!!    IT'S  nothing but....... DRUGS and GANG MEMBERS coming across our ( southern ) border.  

  • How about the ILLEGAL KNIVES that go around stabbing people????


    And these screamig demons have no issues with legality anyway.   EVERY ONE OF THEM SUPPORTS ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    • How about the bowling balls that used to drop themselves off highway overpasses, all by themselves?

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