• Nancy, you will face the Lord one day, whether you believe in Him or not. You won't be able to legislate Him away when it comes time to answer for all your crimes and evil vile deeds. gaia earth won't give 2 shyts about your political posturing and outreach for the hippy vote, most of them have grown up and now vote America Republican or are dead.


  • I was just thinking today that it's possible that God is trying to destroy California because he sees so many sinful people there. Unfortunately there's a lot of good people caught in the cross fire. But that always happens. He said He wouldn't destroy the earth with water again but He never said He wouldn't destroy it another way. We know that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of wickedness so it could be that California is gradually being destroyed for the same reason. Maybe people should be thinking about that.

  • No Nancy Mother Nature is not angry It's the stupidest regulation California has put on what you call climate change or indenger spices 

  • PIGLOUSY is  a WICKED, HATEFUL, EVIL OLD HAG........In days of old she would have been BURNED AT THE STAKE......


  • WRONG, Don't blame "Mother Nature " nor GOD, Total Mismanagement of forests 🌳 by you, the Governor, the Tree Huggers, etc, has made such horrible fires possible! I think about that young couple, trying to flee the fires with their little one year old baby boy, got badly burned and their little boy died. They should sue all of you in civil court for damages for the loss of their son and the damages to their body, and probably not to mention their home and everything else they are own! You, Nancy Pelosi, have sold your soul to the devil for fame and fortune. You're a disgrace, why don't you back out of public life and get on your knees and pray all day long every day for the healing of our country and the forgiveness of God!

    • Very well said.


    • Thanks Melanie, of course she's so far gone she'll never ever want to admit she's wrong or the things she said in the decision she made were very damaging to the whole country. Somehow we just need to get her out of there. Californians keep voting for her just like Minneapolis just voted for Ilhan Omar! 
      they are on the wrong side and they will never admit it. They have sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune!

    • Thou art welcome. This "Californian" never votes for demoncrats or their evil ideas. We are outnumbered here by demoncrat sleaze tactics and it's frustrating and angering. I'm so tired of them all, and I realy can't stand Peelousy or her crummy nephew. Their DNA must be rotten to the core.

    • Although I was born and partly grew up in Connecticut, I've lived much of my adult life in California! Two of my sons exited California 20 years ago, and we have also! Although California used to be a wonderful state, it isn't any longer, and I must say, we really enjoy our life elsewhere - less taxes, less regulations, less traffic, less illegals, great quality of life! Mostly a red state, but the liberals are moving in, much to our dismay! Time to work on getting them converted!

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