• They may be good guys, but they just continue to run their mouths and pretend there will be another election. Impeach joe as a senator. He is NOT a legitimate president. There is NO 2022. Writ Quo Warranto', on the US Supreme Court demanding the immediate removal of the fraudulent Administration of joe biden.  joe gotta go!


    • How can we claim anyone in Congress is good... the members of Congress have a duty to expel or impeach bad apples, including those who assume office by fraud. The Constitution provides a means to remove bad politicians without voting. However, it takes an active and HONORABLE PIER GROUP for it to function.   

      The Constitution provides a process to EXPEL or too IMPEACH bad apples... as long as there are honorable men and women to hold the corrupt accountable voting is not the only way to drain the swamp. 

      OBVIOUSLY, there is a very big problem with HONOR among members of Congress... as they ignore their duty to POLICE THEIR OWN.  There is even a greater problem within the POLITICAL PARTIES as they promote individuals to leadership positions whose CHARACTER IS LESS THAN HONORABLE and then we wonder why the government has turned into a SWAMP.  A quagmire filled with dishonorable individuals.

      Voting was not supposed to be the only check on corruption... the members of Congress and the Judiciary were to police themselves... expelling and impeaching the rotten apples.  

    • And when that system is broken?  Will we act now while there is still a way?

    • Action requires leadership and effective action must be properly resourced and organized... There is no effective or unified leadership, no resourcing, and no organization capable of waging civil unrest... So, just how would you suggest the masses wage a counter-revolution?

    • We have the leadership in Trump and we have the resources in Trump as well, who is rich beyond anyone's imagination because he is a very successful, self made business man. What makes you think he is not putting both to work for the benefit of the country and for we the people? Why would he abandon us now? 

    • We have his leadership... where is it?  During a crisis, leaders need to be very visible and vocal... not silent and sulking.  He is definitely successful in business... his legacy in government remains to be seen... as it appears to be rapidly disintegrating... a measure of presidential success is how enduring their presidency becomes and pres. Trump's legacy is rapidly being destroyed.  We must not allow it to be totally reversed.

    • I think our perspective on the howto's and wherefore's of what constitutes Presidential greatness is seeing redefinition in a revealed new reality. Few if any Presidents shy of Washington, perhaps Jackson, and Lincoln (who was a founder of the GOP) made it to and conducted an Executive administration without significant help from a party with an agenda. Trump had no choice but to, since he was a true outsider to the Deep State, sent to subdue the Deep State (and it knew it), and reassert the supremacy of the People threatened through the states collective subjugation by the Federal Government. Yes the story is still unfolding, and Trump was not flawless, but......

      Judging by the cowardice of SCOTUS, the frothing legislative lunacy shown by Pelosi, and the forest of executive knives planted in Trumps back, Donald J. Trump should be counted lucky he is not in either a jailcell or a crypt. I hear he is essentially bankrupt at this point.

      And he still wants to come back for more!

      I would award him the Medal of Freedom AND the Medal of Honor if I could. 

      The People see how badly the Deep State wants to discredit him. A shining endorsement in my book!

    • Ronald, you ask where is Trump's leadership. I say the man had to lay low while the demonrats were running the sham impeachment. It would have been too risky for President Trump to go out on a limb because the demonrats could have painted him as "unrepentent" if their thought police didn't like what he said. I am sure you know that they don't like unrepentent patriots like President Trump and all his supporters.

    • Civil War is not only ill advised it will not result in a restored and revived Constitutional Republic... 

      First, the people are not organized or prepared for such an undertaking... there is no defined leadership, resourcing, and organization for such an undertaking. Civil war is doomed to fail from the get go.  All Civil War will do is provide the Marxist with an excuse to declare Martial Law and suspend what is left of our Constitution and personal liberties.  

      Next, there is no consensus to engage in a civil war... this is not 1861 and the Red States are not ready to secede nor are they equipped to engage in civil war ... Neither are they inclined to support such a disastrous move. Any armed resistance will be labeled domestic terrorism by all of the States and those involved in waging insurrection will be considered criminals, not patriots.

      Finally, we have not yet exhausted the arsenal of peaceful resistance... and the many venues that can lead to reformation and the return to Constitutional government, without resorting to armed insurrection.

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