• Exactly Colonel !!!  Remove biden legally, yes via "writ quo warranto".  Keep in their face exposing all of their fraudelent activities...Strong push back against their media lies.....  They are relentless against conservatives.  We need to practice the same and stronger because we are on the "Right Side". Allow the the righteous to be angry at their actions through PUBLIC knowledge of their actions.

    Take back our Churches, Restaurants and all meeting places from the china virus liars.  Stay in the face of our Public School adminstrators and teachers for any right leaning, bias programs and opinions from educators, I am.  All public officials need to be aware hourly that we are watching them and taking full action against any tyranny.

    We need to start a media frenzy very quickly and we need to begin now by forming teams and awakening this resistance.  We should have been diligent all along and have not. Trump exposed our Nations enemies and now it is up to all of us to finish draining the swamp and plug the holes.

    • And you're going to do this how?  Tell me.  I have a plan, do you?

  • Nunes is part of the problem... the idiot thinks elections are the path to reform.  Where has he been the last 60 or so years... it is idiots like Nunes that put us where we are... and we should listen to them? Give me a break... Nunes is a globalist and pragmatist he thinks one can negotiate with the left, that if we play by the rules and be patient all things will work out... EXCEPT that strategy has been around since before Nixon... and it isn't working and it will not work.

    • Colonel.  You are exactly right, elections are done. The corruption was not dealt with when Trump had the chance. The system has failed because the fools and lawless have been allowed to seize power by weak and stupid leaders.  So, how do we fix this?  The second amendment established the right/duty of the people to bare arms.  Why?  To prevent tyranny.  But NO provision was made for the application of  that right/duty.  We stand in peril.  If we do not act we loose our nation.  If we act we appear to be domestic terrorists.

      Check this out:

      Then tell me if it’s time for the 10 mil.+ or not.

    • BENT, I am afraid the arms we are allowed to bear are very inferior to the arms the federal government has at its disposal, or even your local police has at its disposal. Many police departments have purchased surplus or retired military gear over the years. So, even the local police can blow us all away literally if they want to. We only stand a chance if we can get them on our side.

    • "We stand in peril.  If we do not act we lose our nation.  If we act we appear to be domestic terrorists. That sums it up very well.  

      To avoid such a quandary would require the STATES to act ... too, lead an armed revolt, not individuals or isolated groups of civil militia, acting without the cover of a soverign authority.  The lawful means to secede requires the leadership of the States ... Our forefathers understood this principle and were lead by their Colonial Governments... as lawful sovereigns.  Their rebellion against the King of England was recognized as an act of war... giving the combatants certain rights, when taken captive, and limiting the means such conflict can use in its engagement (rules of war applied)... not civil law.

      It, therefore, follows if we are to have lawful civil war and not independent lawless insurrection... we must allow the States to act.  The several States must defend our civil liberties or we will be reduced to the bassist of revolts... insurrection

    • All politics is, after all, local. This is our best bet, to take action locally. 

  • By that time the President of the socialist party will be in a nursing home.

    • Past due!

    • don't forget Kamala Harris too.

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