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A new NPR report suggests the global response to COVID-19 may have been reached on a flawed premise.

Mounting evidence suggests the coronavirus is more common and less deadly than it first appeared.

The evidence comes from tests that detect antibodies to the coronavirus in a person's blood rather than the virus itself.

The tests are finding large numbers of people in the US who were infected but never became seriously ill. And when these mild infections are included in coronavirus statistics, the virus appears less dangerous.

"The current best estimates for the infection fatality risk are between 0.5% and 1%," says Caitlin Rivers, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

That's in contrast with death rates of 5% or more based on calculations that included only people who got sick enough to be diagnosed with tests that detect the presence of virus in a person's body.

Many people will recall the fatality risk debate that took place prior to and in the early stages of the lockdowns. There was much discussion over how deadly the virus was and what the collective response to the virus should be.

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  • BLM are a terrorize organization and let 

    no one tell you different. If black lives matter then all others race doesn't matter they and their socialist leaders are the racist.

  • Why people respect this bureaucratic gnome when he has a history of getting things wrong (remember when he told 60 Minutes that masks were a waste of time?). I'm sure he's profiting from all this and will happily spend his days on an island owned by Bill Gates when all is said and done

  • Well DUH, most of us knew this already. To bad so many watch fake news and buy into the fear

  • Did the experts fail again?  That depends on what they wanted to accomplish.... they have been very successful at destroying our economy, isolating America's public, and spreading a climate of fear and division.  They have been very UNSUCCESSFUL at treating the pandemic and limiting its effects on society.  Their forecasts for the pandemic's growth and potential have been overstated on a national basis. Their failure TO FAST-TRACK successful treatments raises serious questions about the leadership in the CDC wanting to end the pandemic. 

    Basically, the experts have failed to limit the pandemic while POLITICALLY succeeding in destroying our economy... and creating serious questions on why the pandemic is still among us and who is responsible for its creation...  The CDC has politicized this pandemic for obvious and sinister reasons.  The President needs to fire their leaders and those in his staff who have advised him to go along with their politicizing this pandemic.  Once again, the ball is in the President's court, he alone can straighten out this mess.

  • They are also fudging the numbers. I don't know about anyone else but I am getting very ANGRY about what they have done to our Country.

    MASSIVE FRAUD Uncovered! CDC Must Be Investigated After Coronavirus Case Count
    Share on Facebook Share on TwitterIt’s time that the CDC be investigated for manipulation of the U.S. economy and for fraud. The CDC has been providi…
  • anthony mengelle and typhoid birx have vested interests in high priced vaccines and theropuedics, they own stock, they want to get rich off of America bring sick. Anyone with more than 1 brain cell can figure out this was a biological weapon unleashed primarily on America by obama, clinton, china, u.n., soros, and that murderous p.o.s. bill gates. You can bet they are mixing up something even more deadly. MASKS do not protect you from a virus, you ever notice when you fart, that the odor finds it's way through your bvds and pants. Gee, double filtration and you still get the odwar.

    Mask do, however, hide the identity of the soros funded aunty farts, and the BoweL Movements Matter group, you can bet there will be more of their tantrums before election day. They know their time is short.

    America, it is time to choose, choose wisely. 

    Anyway, I heard the left get their panties in a knot when you say " All Lives Matter ", so, I just want to say " ALL LIVES MATTER " , meanwhile 7,000 more black babies were aborted in the last month. The abortionists have elected to stop wearing masks and have adopted the full pointy head hood, in tribute to days gone by.

  • ...I'm working on getting our mscivicsproject up and running. This Wuhan Chinese Virus makes everything more complicated. My shop complex is in downtown Jackson MS. Not the best and safest area and a more "Industrial" setting. But with all the drama now including BLM protests shopping for an office where we could make our headquarters just wasn't practical anymore and causing too much distraction from our launch. Having said that it also was interfering with my research and networking. BUT! Sometimes when your not looking directly at an issue your perspectives shift and you see things you wouldn't normally see. God has a funny way of giving you answers despite your best efforts to think you know something, instead of being quiet and letting him lead you. 
    ....Bear with me because everyone from Sun Tzu to Zig Ziggler and our Bible is all rife with lessons on Strategies and Tactics. And I will get back to the virus which is just a diversion. So I am here in Mississippi and focused on 1) Rebuilding the "Civics" and leadership of our Churches back to what I believe was the founder's original intent. That we are a Christian Nation, A republic Based on the Rule of Law. Judeo-Christian Law. Not run or ruled by any religious group or sect. but by the principles within the Bible. Section 18 of the Mississippi State Constitution ends with the phraseology= "And the Holy Bible shall not be removed from the public schools." Alright, now #2) I have researched and documented the corruption and criminality of our state leaders starting within 2011 with Gov. Haley Barbour and Sen's Cochran [Now Deceased] Wicker and Lott. That was supposed to be about our states but then the "Political Mutts" quickly involved Soros/Obama/Clinton's/Multiple Federal agencies/ Ukraine/ and China through Huawei. Gov Terry McAuliffe at that 2011 period was the head of the DNC. Latter to become the Gov. of Virginia. The criminality spiders out globally and would take weeks to tie together so I'm going to throw out what at first seems random and since this is a highly politically educated group I hope you can see the links. So we start with my small state corruption. Now shift backward to Obamas "National Security Force" kind of long-forgotten but at the time we were seeing these little inner-city "Brown-shirt kids" on video doing these "Cadence Marching Videos" AND! There were hundreds of thousands of Assault Rifles and pistols doled out to every alphabet agency in the Federal Bureaucracy including the Education Dept. After that, there were millions of rounds of Non-Nato compliant ammunition that was so massive in scope regular sports, law enforcement, and gun enthusiasts had trouble getting any ammo at all. Well, it's all disappeared from inventories. There are great researchers here to see if you can find it? Next Jump. Last may in MS. our US Attorney Mike Hurst Busted in Southern MS an International "Chinese Drug King Pin" now we find there was another big federal bust in Virginia.[Don't forget Terry McAuliff past Gov.]. Also in May this year in Louisville KY. The U.S. customs got 10,000 disassembled Assault Rifles headed to Florida. Next Jump. While in Office Obama headed a Muslim and African Immigration Invasion that was targetted to areas of the country and just overloaded local populations. Crime surged and pushed people out and they took over public politics and in some areas implemented "Sharia Law" Muffresbourogh Tenn. is a great example and Detriot. And now we have a manufactured Chinese Virus and BLM which is a front group around and built about the same time as AOC, Pressley, Omar, and Talib were formed from Communist Bernie Sanders and Soros leadership with as we see heavy Muslim overtones.                         
    .....Now let me tie this together. I'm sorry it's kind of disjointed and messy. But it would be a novel if I wrote it out with Source links. The country under these big players through the DNC apparatus with corrupt Republicans and an organized political system has created Safe Corridors of places like my MS. We have the ports leading directly to one of the biggest trucking hubs in the country. Plus we got the Drugs, human trafficking, and all kinds of foreign who know what including terrorist people and equipment that was coming across the borders in Texas and Arizona. But this in many states. And the money is insane! Think for a second of the National Debt that the Democrats just keep forcing down our throats. 21 Trillion dollars. OK, A trillion dollars is $100 dollar bills filling the stadium in New Orleans to the very top with a convoy of 18 wheel trucks full around it. It's the entire GDP of most all of the country's in the world combined. That is one trillion. 
    .....President Trump is unraveling this mess and as we see a lot is being done most other folks don't see. Like stopping tons of drugs, huge cachets of Guns, and now they have Epstein's girlfriend/pimp/groomer. BLM, The Virus, and the moves by the Democrats to remove Trump and Barr are the last gasp before this all spills out ugly for all to see. But this isn't a TV show. This is not to be watched while detached. We must rescue and rebuild our Churches, they have become corporate entertainment and indoctrination centers. And we must be starting last year to get to work preparing to retake control of our governance. We must actively cultivate people who can step in and lead. I think from looking at these new outbreaks of this virus it's not natural in its spreading. Someone is manually spreading this, it will come out and with Faucci and Gates involved plus the WHO and China, I think we are going to be shocked at the scope of all this!
    .....Just ask if you want supporting source links. Or want me to focus on one aspect because this is probably the messiest thing I have ever posted. But we need to start thinking in terms of manipulation and indoctrination. This group is way ahead of most in the clarity of what is happening. I'm going to include two links One about Terry McAuliffe and his involvement immediately after what they did here in MS with GreenTech Automotive. A straight-up theft of the Pentagon's finances with you will see Foreigners, The Clinton Foundation is in there, and Tery McAuliffe and his wife are on the Board of the company/ 8 Billion Dollars is stolen and no one ever goes looking for it! The second is a video of C.A.I.R as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood admitting in 2016 they are using BLM for insurrection. 
    >>>Source for McAuliffe 8 Billion scam
    >>>>>>>>OK this is the Source for the C.A.I.R. Muslim Brotherhood / Hamas speech where they pledge support for BLM and seem to imply they are going to overthrow the US. This keeps getting shut down so view it quickly, but I also have the written version. It is just more powerful to see them in their own words:=[
    Hillary Donor Commits $8 billion Dollar Fraud Against US Government
    The company ANHAM Food included top Democrat Terry McCauliffe and his wife on its board of directors.
    • Very well put.... however, knowing of criminal conduct is not the same as engaging criminal conduct with law enforcement... the President of the United States is charged with 'taking care' that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed... that is not happening and the President's AG is also miserably failing in his duty to enforce the laws of the United States as well. The people have basically been abandoned by leadership... Pres. Trump is giving it his best but obviously he is being stone walled or lied too by the corrupt pettifoggers in the DOJ and White House.. who -tell him he should not or can not institute Martial Law as a tool to enforce the laws of the US when the DOJ and FBI fail to do so... the existing federal law enforcement agencies and courts are unwilling or incapable of enforcing the law...

    • P/S the billions of dollars that have disappeared under the Obama Administration are going to finance the current insurrection n the USA and world... the Socialist Internatonal is alive and well Communism was never defeated... it simply changed gears and went stealth for a few decades and it has now returned and we find it in the Nations living rooms and capitals... in its institutions and government agencies.

      Elections indeed have circumstances and corrupt elections have corrupt circumstances...

  • What the heck is going on in this world? Even Hannity endorses wearing a face mask. Why does it seem like everyone is buying into this communist idea?

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