House Democrats working on the annual appropriations bill say that they will force a government shutdown unless the statues of Southern politicians in the Capitol are removed.

The government will technically run out of money on September 30 unless Congress passes appropriations bills. The appropriation for the legislative branch includes the demand that the Confederate statues in public areas be removed and returned to the states that donated them.

The Democrats are also demanding that plaques and markers that honor people with “unambiguous records of racial intolerance” be removed as well.

The move is a political ploy to force Republicans into an uncomfortable political position while displaying their racial bona fides to the mob.


Requiring the removal of Confederate statues in the Capitol almost certainly sinks the bill’s chances of becoming law before government funding runs out at the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has pushed for the removal of statues amid nationwide protests against systemic racism and police brutality. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the fate of the markers should be up to states that donated them.

“Every state is allowed two statues. They can trade them out any time,” McConnell told reporters last month. “A number of states are trading them out now, but I think that’s the appropriate way to deal with the statue issue. The states make that decision.”


Perhaps Pelosi and the Democrats can invite the mob to remove the statues themselves. It doesn’t appear there will be anyone to stop them as the Capitol Police are being “reformed” to reflect the new reality.

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  • We do not have "systemic racism," a term not even those who use it can give a rational definition of. When their notion of "police brutality" boils down to @1,000 black people (mostly criminals) getting killed out of 375,000,000 encounters between police and civilians in a single year (I don't do math but my PC calculator tells me that comes to .0000032 percent), that's virtually a statistical non-event. Remember Chris Rock's video on how to avoid getting killed by police? Rule #1: "Don't commit a crime." There is no area in US public life from which black people are barred; people can marry across racial lines; we have lawyers, judges, politicians at all levels (including the first President who pretended to be black). Black people are highly prevalent in media, sports and entertainment. Where is the systemic racism? it just does not exist and repeating the phrase ad nauseum doesn't make it so.

  • Why can't we give a thumbs up to all the great comments? This is an awesome group and it convinces me that Trump will win with a landslide in November again.

  • be careful . i had a hard time getting my kids out of the store for now included with each bottle of aunt jemima is a confederate statue


  • the irony of this is that 1 of liberal's biggest sacred cow is planned parenthood, which was created by margaret sanger , who was an admirer of hitler and was inspired by concentration camps to come up with abortion clinics. margaret sanger was extremely prejudiced against blacks . this is why that in every neighborhood that has many blacks always has a planned parenthood site

  • We the People DEMAND Pelosi be removed from the Capitol!!

  • Yes, they can see the handwriting on the wall.

    They have commited political suicide.

    Good riddance to the Communist party USA which has been hiding behind the false curtain of the Democratic Party.

    now, thePresdent and his partners in Congress should file treason charges against those posing as leaders of the Democratic ( Socialist ) Party.

    Since day one of the Trump presidentcy they have been anti America obstructionists, causing great and serious harm to our nations reputation among our allies and in the eyes of our known enemies, its defense and the security of our Constitutional Sovereign Republic in many ways including flooding our voting booths with illegal immigrant voters, thereby displacing a Constitutionally elected President.

    And conductioning a coordinated anti law and order conspiracy to under mine the nations police and using the states and cities they control politically to cause criminal civil disobiedience to overwhelm law enforcement and the courts nationwide.

    Our nation is also being threatened by that political parties proposed presidential figure, Joe Biden, who is threatening to change our Constutitional Republican form of government into Socialism/Communisum.

  • They should ALL be arrested. They are all traitors, criminals, and worse. 

    • Agreed!  Maybe they will invite the mob to do it for them!

    • Actually..........They're Guilty of an attempted Coup. We need a R.I.C.O. and subsequent firing squad for this crap!!!

    • AGREED

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