• ALL of the "shortages" are intended and on purpose, designed to destroy America by any means possible!!!!!!!!!!

  • As Soro'$ laughs.... All According to the plan!

  • It's hard to believe how evil these people are, what will they do next!!!

  • Why would anyone reopen a refinery when the enemy within is preventing enough crude to be refined?

    It starts and ends at the white house door.

    Thank you for that additional information about all the diesel generators for hospitals,  large buildings and businesses.   

    so, the choice will be do we have food or hospitals next?

    • I must respectfully disagree with you. This problem, or any of the others, do NOT start or end at the Whitehouse door. Every country on Earth is under attack by the same group of psychopathic billionaires hell bent on a one-world government. Biden and the democrats are just the ones chosen to unleash the chaos here in America. Anyone that has seen Joe Biden in action knows he can’t take a dump without detailed instructions and a roadmap to the bathroom.

      This despicable cabal, that many refer to as: “The New World Order”, have taken control of the governments of Britain, France Germany, Canada, Australia, and now, with the collaboration of the democrats and various RINOs are in the process of seizing the USA.

      Since The United States is at, or very near, it’s financial tipping point another slight nudge could finish the job. The theft of an additional $40 billion from the taxpayers to fund their manufactured war in Ukraine should achieve results on two fronts. The added expense of their war will put a serious strain on the Russian economy as well as here in America.

      Just another case of OUR money being used to fund OUR demise. Kinda’ like buying a shovel to dig your own grave.

    • Thomas, I agree, the devildemocommiecrats and gop deep state establishment TRAITORS are working together to bankrupt the nation and turn it into a 3rd world puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship under their thumbs!!!!!  Nazi war criminal george soros, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, bill deblasio, and other satanic billionaires are plotting to destroy countries everywhere and set themselves up as the rulers!!!!!!!!!!


    • And of course, the US BIOLOGICAL WARFARE LABS in the Ukraine play no part in that at all,.

      Just like the one we funded in Wuhan didn't create the Chinese flu either.

      Just one of those explodes and the world will be a different place.   Don't forget the 300 other BIOLOGICAL WARFARE LABS that US dollars run in other parts of Europe.   Serbia, Herzegovina, etc

    • Marlene, yes, all part of their satanic plan to rule the world!!!!!!!!!!


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