The world is bewildered!!??

    U.S. citizens are far beyond bewildered, we are now in the twilight zone! 

  • No one is "Bewildered."  Just talking head celebreties who make a living prognosticating and writing books, ex broadcasters and politicians.  We're talking surpression, repression and tyranny in th eAmerican political system not bewilderment, or bemusement.  "Eat bread and salt" Nigel, "...and speak the trurth."

  • Great video

  • I like Nigel Farage. The leader of the "Brexit" movement in England.  I am glad to learn that the people of England resprct Trmp.

  • "Bewildered," Really?  Since when has th eworld been bewildered by corruption and depotism?  Shit, or get off the pot Nigel.  We got enough fakers right here in America Nigel.  We don't need any of your two faced, "Limey, horsepucky."

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