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  • nutty nan thinks she is the supreme ruler!!!!!

  • Democrats are planning o hitting us over the head with their totalitarian hammer. I say we shove the thing up there ass for it..............BEFORE WE HANG THEM FOR IT!!!!

  • REMEMBER pelosi signed the affordable care act into law without reading it  & then she chose to exempt herself [AND CONGRESS] once she saw what it was like. she had a hair salon open up for her - even though they are closed to everybody else

    • Roy, everyone knows that pelosi signed the affordable care act into law without reading it and then exempted herself. She is corruption.

  • PELOSI IS A TYRANT  They aim to put us down people. Major COLLUSION here. Their Antifa goons will be allowed to run amuck on us on Jan.21st. They'll use our resitance to their tyranny to pull a C.C.P. type crack down on us. Be ready to defend our nation from tyrants that day.  Find your spot, SNIPERS!

    • The Antifa are nothing more than modern day Brown Shirts. BLM reminds me of the NLM (Nazi Lives Matter) when they demanded others take a back seat to them. Eventually the whole of the German people were affected by the hate generated by those goons and many, many died as a result. Are we heading in the same direction?



    • She IS a communist and that is what communists do!

  • I will always respect the OFFICE of the Presidency--but I will NOT respect the man, Joe Biden, who stole it.  As far as I'm concerned, he is a thief and a liar, nor will I ever call him President!

    • Amen!!

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