• Then Jeff, find a way to make it better.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • It's only through Jesus Christ but he said he will come back

  • Well Jeff, if it is all hopeless, why stick around annoying everyone else. Try a painless form of suicide and end the anger and misery.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • All I am trying to do is sounding the alarm because it's not getting better.

    • Exactly, Jeff...

      Sound the alarm... be the watchman on the wall whose voice no more heard has left the nation's gates wide open... and soon the sound of wailing shall be heard, where those so warned did scourge the watchman for his alarm.  Post now the Krackin's bounty while better days yet remain.  For out of the Sea rises the specter of our times, and there is no Perseus nor Pegasus to save our precious Andromeda and her faithful city..

    • Thanks Ronald

  • My hope is that EVERY MEMBER of that witch hunt gets the retirement they so richly deserve and,lets not forget corrupt Nancy . She deserves a Double Measure  

    • Let's be real here are they going to face jail time? When the Republicans win the house 2022? Nancy Pelosi chuck Schumer, Obama, Joe Biden, kamala Harris is still in the office they should be in jail by now.

    • Of course you're right.  Republicans are going to posture, maybe have hearing, but no Democratic Administration is going to prosecute anyone and don't feel pressured to stop expressing your views by some of the "Local color" on these pages.  Your voice makes much more sense.

    • It's reality people It's not getting better 

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