A friend emailed me recently to say that on May 1st, in his opening monologue, Tucker Carlson made the statement, ”You don’t want to live in a society where the most powerful agency in government imprisons people it doesn’t like.  That is horrifying.”

Our friend lamented that he wishes there is someone who could “get Steve’s story to Tucker” because what happened to Flynn is so similar to what happened to Steve, my husband – former pit bull Republican congressman from Texas.

Numerous reports verify that Rep. Stockman was quite a fierce critic of and whistle-blower on the Obama administration. 

As a result, he was pursued for four years by the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the nonprofit division of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – the very same corrupted team that went after Tea Party and other conservative nonprofit organizations around 2012.  The DOD took their story before four grand juries before they were even able to obtain an indictment.

Notably, the indictment of Stockman was signed by DOJ’s Raymond Hulser, who had been copied by Lois Lerner when she emailed DOJ players from her IRS email account to arrange meetings to plan how to take action against those nonprofits.  And it was Stockman who filed a resolution calling for Lois Lerner’s arrest due to her contempt of Congress in the whole IRS/DOJ conspiracy.

But back to the question of how to make the likes of Tucker and Sean Hannity aware of the extraordinary similarities in tactics between Steve’s case and those we’ve seen with Gen. Flynn, or even the president himself.  

One of our justice reform advocate friends who counsels the White House on this topic told me last week that neither Carlson nor Hannity have ever been very warm to justice reform efforts like the First Step Act. 

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