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With President Biden's federal vaccine mandate set to take effect on Monday, health-care systems around the country are suspending elective in-patient surgeries and refusing to accept ICU patients from other hospitals as they brace for potentially hundreds of firings of nurses and other critical staffers, potentially even doctors.

According to the NYT, the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo is planning to do all that and more, as it says it may soon fire about 400 employees who have chosen not to get the single job required by the edict (which was pushed through despite being blocked by a federal judge).

Similarly, officials at Northwell Health, the state's largest health-care provider, estimate that NWH might be forced to fire thousands of people who have refused to get vaccinated.

Without even a hint of self-awareness, the governor apparently agrees: "What is looming for Monday is completely avoidable, and there’s no excuses,” Ms. Hochul said, pleading for those who have not done so to get vaccinated," Hochul said during a weekend press briefing.

But we digress.

The situation is less dire in NYC, but there will still be plenty of hospitals left with massive staffing holes after mass-firings.

The city's largest private hospital network, NewYork-Presbyterian, has more than 200 employees who may face termination because they haven't received at least one jab.

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    • I am with you; no vax, no mask; I am 84 and leaving it in God's hands.

  • A New York judge has already banned the vax mandate, so are these hospitals operating in contempt??

    • Demoncrats do not obey the law unless it benefits them

  • I stand with the health care workers.   Biden is an idiot.  Need to be on the streets and letting people know how we feel.  


  • If a Federal Judge has ordered the mandate and termination edict blocked... why are these medical facilities continuing to threaten termination?  With the Federal GOvernment guaranteeing payment for all COVID patient care it would seem counterproductive to dismiss employees needed to take on more patients or does the Hospital Administration plan to provide sub-standard care? 

    It appears sub-standard care is the order of the day... operating at full capacity with an inadequate staff should lead to a landslide of malpractice suits. Insurance companies may need to cancel offending Hospitals' insurance.  Someone in the Nursing or medical care profession being dismissed should call the malpractice insurance carriers and ask how they like the suites that will follow substandard care due to loss of medical staff.

  • I also have a feeling that we are not in the United States of America anymore!!  The Republicans need to get totally organized and start taking back my Nation Under God. We are going to have to clean house of ALL the Develcrats, Socialist, Communist, Liberals that are distroying our country.

  • Whatever the story being generated in NY is 100% pure Biden era BULL$HIT.

    New York is ground zero for the democrats’ propaganda machine. Any load of crap coming out of NY will be repeated word for word by all the mainstream media.

    If you are really interested in this bogus ‘vaccine’, do some research on a new technology called CRISPR.

    You can bet this ‘vaccine’ has nothing to do with inoculating you against covid. It’s a gene/DNA manipulator.

    Here’s a link to an introduction to CRISPR. There is a lot of info available on many sites.

    What is CRISPR?


    What is CRISPR? | New Scientist
    • FLASHBACK 2017: Moderna Exec Admitted mRNA Jabs Permanently Edit Genetic Code. “The US government has granted Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability in case people develop severe side effects from their COVID-19 vaccines, Nor can you sue the FDA for authorizing the vaccine, or one’s employer for mandating it.

    • I’m encouraged to find someone that sees the situation for what it really is. So many people have absolutely no idea what is being done to them with a syringe. I try to steer as many people as I can to places where they can get information.

      As I have stated many times: The situation we face WILL NOT be resolved in court or at the ballot box.

      So many people that I’ve encountered are totally puzzled by the behavior of our hospitals and clinics.

      These folks are obviously not aware of the true owners of the healthcare system worldwide.

      Here is the link AGAIN that can shed all the light necessary to understand the situation and the culprits behind it.

      Who Is Bill Gates?



      Who Is Bill Gates?
    • Bill Gates in his own words about reducing Number of People on earth! (5:00min) and at (8:30) Other nations complaining about that policy. Remember this guy is the largest donor to the WHO aside the US Govt! So  "Get the Shot" and wear your mask or his plan won't work!

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