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    • Think so?  Well, that's fine.  You just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    • I will do the same thing over and over again. I will vote for people like D J Trump and others like him!!! It's the only way.

      Only a fool or an idiot thinks that it's not our responsibility to change things for the better and restore as well as cement the founder's wishes.

      My dad taught me, I taught my children, and now they are teaching theirs to save this nation from modern liberal "woke" values and the loss of our guaranteed liberties.

    • Well then you might consider yourself part of the problem, part of the reason things are they way they are now.  I never said it wasn't our responsibility to change things for the better.  And maybe that's the other part of the problem?  A lot of people are just stupid.  You know, "the some of the people," Abe Lincoln spoke about; the ones you can fool all of the time.  

  • That's what needs to be done and from the first day.  For what ever reasons, it's what Trump failed to do.  It's what Trump must do and from day one should he ever get back in office..  You can not drain any swamp, if you do not investigate, charge and prosecute congress, and the entire federal bureaucracy. 

  • The DemoNcRATs are not any good since they are kicked out of our Whig party in the early 1800's and the Republicans In Name Only are only fooling themselves. We need to get the DemoNcRATs out of our schools. The DemoNcRATs know they are stupid and are trying to level the playing field for themselves.

  • Finally!

  • New AG is definately over the target, let's see how much flak is sent up.

  • Good now let us see where the promises go, Bullshit or Not.

  • Go get the devilcrats. 

  • There is a lot of cleaning up in Va.  I hope he gets into it and maybe it will spread across the river. 

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