• Well, it could have been Wray, himself and some of his FBI underlings, "dressed up as antifa" for all we know!!

  • Sir. Wray hate Trump to him President Trump supporters are terrorizes and Antifa and BLM are pure Americans what a stupid idiot person.

  • Wray protected the CRIMINAL STATE. Who in the Hell would trust him?!

  • What do I think...  I think Dir. Wray should be fired and should have been fired by Trump... not promoted to Director.

  • This was put together by the dems to bring charges against Trump and we the DEPLORABLES!

  • Wray is a fraud, is there any wonder why xiden kept him on as fbi director?  Why President Trump kept him knowing he was working against the administration is a mystery to me!

  • The lefts desired "END" does not resemble the facts.
    There were two groups at the capital building with widely divergent agendas and motives. One group, Trump supporters, was there to exercise their constitutional rights and support congress and the VP in their duties as per the twelfth amendment. The other, ANTIFA & BLM, was there to visit as much violence as possible on the proceedings to disrupt congress and to get the violence blamed on the first group.  

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