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  • There have been a number of web postings, lately, claiming that the FBI DID have a hand in this.  Frankly, that is not as far fetched as some might think.

  • FBI do your job or are you part of this conspiracy.

  • This has been known from the beginning with the vids I still have.

  • I believe Nancy Pelosi knew of the plan.

  • Absolutely a set up!

  • Of course it was a set up. Anything to damage Trump and his supporters.

  • It wasn't an insurrection people......

  • It was all a set-up, I was there.

  • Where did this video come from and where is the rest of it? I'ld like to see the whole thing. We saw buses of antifa dropped off in the early morning. We saw the DC police stand aside while peaceful protestors were being led inside by Antifa. And it started before Trump was even done speaking a long ways away. It was an obvious setup by Democrats & RINO's. The truth will come out. But, in the meantime, the TEA Party needs to take control because the globalist Wall Street RINO's & the "war dogs" of the military industrial complex control the Republican Party with their power & money. The stolen election could never have happened without the Republican Party at State & Federal levels letting it happen. This is the time for the TEA Party to take control. Make sure there are TEA Party endorsed candidates in every race, not lifetime career politicians, and hold them accountable. 

  • Of course, anti-America communist democrats are thugs, devious, sneaky, sick, demented & deranged, and diseased people.

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