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  • These is a real American 

  • As the Sovereign Rulers over Our Servant Governments it is "We" who hold the ultimate responsibility for all of their actions. We may shirk Our Duties, but We Can Never Hide From The Guilt.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Congratulations Colonel. The "Riddle" has been exposed.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • This song, Aaron Lewis, "Am I the Only One", Last Ounce of Courage, by Justin Unger and this one

  • awesome song

  • Forward the "Song" to everyone. Make it an Anthem!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Our own Nation's internal destruction is but the echoing repeat of "History" whenever Humanitarianism replaces the Laws of a Community. The Laws of a Community hold the Community together and it is from within that same Community that Humanitarianism is possible to extend to those in "Need." This is the result of a Community in a Good State of Health due to the Foundation Boundaries of Laws. When the Humanitarian Expenditures of a Community exceed the Maintainable Health of the Community and those Foundation Laws, the Society of that Community ceases th exist! The United States of America is currently at this stage. We have forsaken our own for the needs of others at the sacrifice of our lives. This may get us to Heaven, but allows us only Hell to live in until we arrive.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • It is all so sad, but we the people did not keep holding the politicians accountable over the years and now we are paying the piper. Also America turned her back on God by taking prayer out of schools, allowing abortion to slaughter innocent babies, and allowing homosexual marriage. WE are responsible for this mess.

    • One cannot effectively hold the political class accountable when the choices at election time are consistently BAD AND WORSE... that is not a choice.  Most Americans are busy managing work and their families while keeping one eye on the government, only to find their petitions and calls for reform fall on the deaf ears and blind in government.  What to do then becomes problematic as the public is often overwhelmed keeping the wolf from their door and their families secure. The problem is not the average citizen. It is the betrayal of the government itself. The failure of our political parties to act as HONEST BROKERS and the expose the corruption.. too, keep our culture and government institutions properly functioning. 

      There has been an ever-increasing creep in government corruption... within both political parties, as the criminal elements in society found they could profit from abusing public office and the harnessing of their constituents as dependents of government.  The gradual creep in corruption in our culture and government has been DELIBERATE, well planned, funded, and executed. The average citizen has been rendered powerless to influence government... too, use their VOTE to correct the failures of government and both political parties.  Good leadership doesn't abuse its power and looks out for the best interests of those it leads... it doesn't abuse its trust for personal profit and power

      Don't let the politically correct and connected pass blame for our demise to the people... strong moral leaders do not need counsel and strict oversight. They are morally motivated to provide the very best in government, something we haven't seen for decades.  It is the recent position of the intelligence and academia to blame the public for the IMMORAL CONDUCT of those they entrusted with their government... That is precisely the opposite of what leadership is supposed to do... good leadership is self-policing  

    • I suppose you are right. But we the people could have raised a lot more concern over the evil laws that have been enacted. If nothing else to call the senator or reps.

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