New, more lethal virus in the works?


Something to think about sent to me from my friend;
A couple of days ago Dan Bongino, on his radio show, aired information I find scary as Hell.
Mr. Bongino was talking about Dr. Stephen Quay, a top medical scientist, who gave interviews to the Wall Street Journal and Fox Business.  Dr. Quay was talking about a new virus that the Wuhan Lab is apparently "researching".  It is the Nipah Virus.  Unlike Covid-19 which is 1% lethal, Nipah is EIGHTY TO NINETY PERCENT LETHAL!  
What the Hell is ANYONE doing playing around with Nipah when it is a known death sentence?! 
Think about that!
Given that Covid was accidentally (or intentionally?) released from the Wuhan lab, this is terrifying!!!  
Under Trump, the Chinese could not even hope to compete with the US economy.  Trump had them on their heels.  They HAD to do something to level the playing field.
Then, at the most convenient time, came Covid-19.  How convenient?
Suddenly, America was on the ropes while China kept growing.  Imagine that.  
And again, "conveniently", Biden, a man friendly to China, who made money via Biden/China deals, was in charge.  Timing is everything.  
I don't know about you, but I would not put it past the Chinese to intentionally try to engineer Nipah as a biological weapon.  Is it really so out of the question?  History is replete with such examples.  In medieval times, attackers would catapult dead animals and/or animals infected with the Plague into fortresses to infect defenders.  The British knowingly gave smallpox infested blankets to Native Americans.  Nerve gas was used in WWI.  Hitler gassed millions.  Sadam gassed the Kurds.  So, why wouldn't the Chinese think they could win a global conflict with the same approach -- and all without firing a shot?  
IF (and I admit it's a huge "if") the above is a possibility, is it really so "out there" to think that the Covid "pandemic" was a test run to see how we would react and adjust Chinese strategy accordingly?  
Intellectually, no sane person can imagine the Chinese intentionally doing something that most likely would kill most of their own people.  BUT, I also have to admit that dictators and autocrats often do things that are counter-intuitive and against their own self interest (think Kim Jong Un in North Korea).  After all, China has too many people and knows it.  Would they be willing to accept mass casualties on their own people if it meant the death of America?  Why wouldn't the Chinese arrogantly believe they would magically survive a holocaust of their own making?  
Back to Covid vs Nipah:  Look at the incompetent handling of Covid and the resultant damage caused by an illness with a 99%+ survival rate.  What would happen if Nipah was unleashed on the world?  Third world countries with little or no healthcare would literally cease to exist -- wiped out!  Second world countries would be decimated (I guess that's one way to solve the Islamic terror nation issue).  The rest of us would mostly be dead and the survivors thrust back into the dark ages.  Think about it.  
Again, look at how Covid was [mis]handled.  Both the Chinese and American governments refused to even admit there was a problem until it was completely out of control.  Then, they both overreacted, with the ensuing and resultant chaos and damage.  And, all over an illness with a 99%+ survival rate!  What would happen with Nipah?
I'm not trying to scare you, but forewarned is forearmed.

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  • This is a real possibility. This could be the Armageddon the Bible speaks of. 

  • The Democrats & Wuhan are working overtime. 

  • Take out that lab......they are dangerous to the world!

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