• All socialists are the same they want to control our lives they want you to asked permission for everything even to go to church. This election is government control over Freedom of the People.

  • Does that include Dems? 

  • I would love for the FBI to check the bank accounts of these radical lockdown idiots to see who is paying them off to continue this devasting lockdown.
    They tell you to stay inside when honest doctors tell you to get outside and exercise and to get some sun in order to beef up your vitamin D and your immune system. 
    This entire lockdown stinks to high heaven or should I say stinks to the level of the sulfuric fires of hell.

  • Demonrats are obviously desperate because they know that they will lose big time in November.

  • That commie puke and spew will get her reelected with the ntive vote.

  • She is the epitomy of the C word!

  • Come now don't u know BLM is immuned from all laws and punishment b/c they are.  WE as Americans need to understand that there is NOT any one class or race that is immuned as they have become.  It is disgusting. This woman is another marxist maniac.

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