• President Trump told us already that on January 1, 2021, he would concede to the USA, Inc.
    This was done and signed year in 2020. We are now the restored UNITED STATES REPUBLIC. That is NESARA/GESARA. USA INC. IS DEAD IN THE WATER.
    It was necessary to have the dummycrats elect themselves to office of their USA, Inc. President Trump has divested himself. There is no more USA, INC. It has no power. It is bankrupt. Trump into GESARA and waiting for the official announcement. The rules of GESARA are, there will be an election of the president in 180 days. That is a lot for you to take in.
    On January 20, it does not matter anymore, the entire USA, INC. and those elected under it are paper tigers. It is defuncted, all of them. All those Trillions of dollars were racked up with the USA, INC.'s Federal Reserve is bankrupt and debt goes with the defunct corporation. The new USA REPUBLIC IS DEBT FREE. That was the plan all along. The entity has zero power and all those actors are without power. It is over, it is unthinkable for them.
    The last USA REPUBLIC President was US Grant, 18th and the 19th, will be Donald J. Trump.

  • DemocRats Are The Evil In America! RINOs Too! We The People Are Ready To Revolt! 

  • Remember this! what happen at the capital is just the bigining.

  • FBI is the controlled Gestapo u will never here the truth by them

    • So C.I.A. is the S.S.?


  • I knew it was antifa and the Dems. WORKING IN CONCERT so they could pull the shit they just pulled on us as soon as I saw it happen. Same with BENGAHZI on 9/11. Not a terrorist attack my ass. Hillary should be hung along with the rest of them from that COMMUNIST administration for!!!

    I can no longer respect or give wiling consent to such sociopaths!

  • Antifa is the socialist policie but We the People are America protectors.

  • This isn't a surprise to anyone on this website, where this was talked about the day after the antifa took control of our march and occupied the Capitol.

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