• DemocRats Are The Evil In America! RINOs Too! We The People Are Ready To Revolt! 

  • Remember this! what happen at the capital is just the bigining.

  • FBI is the controlled Gestapo u will never here the truth by them

    • So C.I.A. is the S.S.?


  • I knew it was antifa and the Dems. WORKING IN CONCERT so they could pull the shit they just pulled on us as soon as I saw it happen. Same with BENGAHZI on 9/11. Not a terrorist attack my ass. Hillary should be hung along with the rest of them from that COMMUNIST administration for!!!

    I can no longer respect or give wiling consent to such sociopaths!

  • Antifa is the socialist policie but We the People are America protectors.

  • This isn't a surprise to anyone on this website, where this was talked about the day after the antifa took control of our march and occupied the Capitol.

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