The report below shows a comparison between the Presidential results recorded for Pennsylvania and Georgia in the 2020 Election. Per a review using the Edison data released after the election, the report shows tabulations in the election which are far too consequential.

Below is a chart of the results of the Presidential election for each state.  The charts are similar and show similar patterns at first glance, especially noting the time from when counting started in the election.

Next, the study identified some key times in the election counting process.  These times were recorded by date by hour by minute using the UTC time zone which is the time zone used in the Edison data. (For example, 4d 07:41:48 is November 4th at 7:41:48 in the morning UTC time.)  Here were some key times identified in the study:

Next, the study shows these same timestamps which are only minutes apart between states in most instances.  The chart shows that not much activity was reported in the time periods between timestamps A and B, between C and D, and between E and F which was unique.  This indicates that the elections between the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia may have been coordinated.

Also, the pauses that occurred between A and B, C and D, and E and F are to date unexplained.  Why was there a pause in reporting during these time periods that occurred at the exact same time?  Was there coordination of reporting taking place?

The report notes that the time period needed to count ballots in Ohio, for example, was 6.5 hours for 5.6 million ballots.  Why did it take so long for Pennsylvania and Georgia to count their ballots?  The study overall shows that there was a coordination in counting procedures between states.


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  • We need to establish the American People Patriot Party court and reestablish public hanging and the firing squad for American traitors, invaders, spies, and anyone trying to destroy the REAL United States of America. 

    • Well, we've got to do it in our states. Need to take back the power from the federal government, take away their money with a balanced budget Amendment, force  term limits on congress and we can only do that if we invoke Article V of the Constitution and call for a Convention of States. We have a grassroots army in all 50 states, but we need to get everyone onboard and either force our state representatives to agree to this, or fire them and replace them with real patriots. That's the only way we will get what you want. Talk is cheap, we need to all act now!

    • I agree!!!

  • This certainly needs to be investigated but with the democrats in charge and with the democrats running the Justice Dept. (which is supposed to be non political) there is very little chance of that.  The Republicans also do not have the spine to stand up to the criminal democrats anyway.  The only chance we have is for the Republicans take the House and has 60 Republican filibuster proof Senate and a strong Republican president who is not afraid of the democrats and who will push for change and press charges against the media for bias and censorship and take down social media that has so much power as well as big tech.  They are also responsible for this past election fraud.

  • Where is the America I used to know???

    • Sadly she is no longer with us

  • As a minimum, there should be hundreds of arrests, but with the FBI involved, coordinated efforts by Zuckerberg and other elites. The swap, Cabal/Elites controlling the Supreme Court. It's sad to see how corrupt our elected officials are. New World Order and WHO, world courts, UN in charge of our country, Constitution trampled on, what are we to do? Many governors are bought & paid for by China. Eg China Brian Kemp. 

    • All you need to do is to see what they have in mind for the world. Google Georgia Guidestones. I actually went there & saw what their plans are and it scared the hell out of me.

  • The election should be declared null and void, but I am not certain that constitutionally there is a way to do it.  If any one knows of something that can be done -  go for it and let the rest of us know how to do it.

    • Yeah! The military. Try listening to Juan O Savin and what he has to say about it.


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