This madness has to end now.

Every single lockdown order inflicted on the American people these past few months needs to be rescinded immediately.


Once that’s done, Fauci has to be investigated to find out why on earth he pushed these catastrophic restrictions on us using predictions he knew to be false. He also needs to be indicted for peddling his lies before Congress and held criminally accountable for all the death and devastation he’s caused.

In case you hadn’t heard, Matt Margolis over at PJ Media is reporting that the CDC now estimates the case fatality rate (CFR) of COVID-19 to be only .4 percent. As Margolis points out, that’s much lower than the numbers used to frighten us into these lockdowns. But there are a few factors he doesn’t mention, making it clear we were unspeakably deceived rather than merely victims of some disastrous but ultimately honest error.

The CFR is the death rate restricted to just those cases in which someone with symptoms had a test confirming they were infected. Since it factors in neither asymptomatic cases nor unconfirmed symptomatic ones, it’s going to substantially overstate the infection fatality rate (IFR), which is the  rate among the totality of all those infected.

And, of course, it’s the IFR which represents the odds a random person who contracts the virus has of dying. The CFR, on the other hand, isn’t even all that interesting if you’re just a member of the public trying to evaluate how dire a threat we’re facing. It gets massively skewed by the over-representation of serious cases among those who get tested and because it doesn’t factor in asymptomatic infections at all.

The CDC is also now estimating that only 65% of those who contract the COVID-19 virus actually wind up with any symptoms. That means the IFR will be at most 65% of the CFR, or .26% since the latter is only counting symptomatic cases. In fact, given that testing has been rare even among those who show symptoms, it’s bound to be substantially lower.

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    • The Devil who lives inside of him.


    • That was priceless!  Thank you!

  • WOW!!! I have been on the Tea Party comment sections before. I will repeat my self. Fauci is an NWO puppet! He works for and with Bill Gates. Bill Gates is an admitted genocidal maniac. Gate pushes vaccines, and he has been in troulble in Pakistan and soem African countries for killing over 47,000 children with his vaccine drive in the 2000's. Now he is funding the 'New  vaccine " for the COVID19 vaccine. Gates was interviewed by CNN in the late 2000's and he stated that the population of the world needs to be reduced from 8 billion to 350 million people. He then stated that the way to accomplish that is with vaccines. Gates wants to mark every person on earth with a chip or some kind of ID that proves you have recieved the vaccine. If you do noy have th evaccin then you will not be able to participate in 
    "normal" Life. All of this info is available on the internet. Search for Fauci and Bill Gates.

  • I can not believe he is still talking

  • Fauci needs to go. He has  deceived the President and the American people on the Corona Virus all the time. President Trump has to realized that he and the American people had been lied to by Dr. Fauci. We need to reorganize CDC. 

    • An out the country person I know told me two days ago Fauci needs his head aerated.  He was deadly serious.  I told him we do not work like that in America.  He said there is no other way to fix this mess.  I told him we will find a way.


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    • The two docs in Kearn County can explain.


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