• Good, expose all the fraud

  • Great job OAN news service, Christina Bobb and Nevada GOP. Nevada has massive fraud, ALSO!!!

  • Trump should have shut down the MSM and have his administration control all news. This would have erased the lies of the MSM. Everyone knows that President Donald J. Trump is the only one who speaks the truth and we the people trust him. End of story.

    • First Amendment Paul.

      Please don't burn the village to save it.

  • I heard the GOP leadership pass the criminal prosecution to the federal government (did an alarm just go off in your head?). I wanted to also hear this man affirm that, since the Constitution charges the states to conduct the Presidential elections by their own state laws, state prosecutions will proceed regardless of federal determination.

    Do not blindly trust the federal actor to faithfully execute the federal role. At this moment the leadership is politically heretical.

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    • Correct... the State AG can prosecute for election fraud and a whole host of other criminal acts associated with covering up the fraud... lying to police, obstructing justice, threatening witnesses, suborning perjury, fraud, and accessory to fraud... and the list goes on and on... 

      However, given the evidence of fraud and the cover-up already present and no criminal charges of the power brokers behind the fraud... you can rest assured no prosecutions of anyone with political power will occur.  The fix is in just like the elections are rigged so is justice.

  • Millions of immigrants will come and raise their right hand... the MSM is no longer even attempting to be fair and balanced they have picked a side and are willing to replace Citizens who don't agree with the unwashed minions of the 3rd world... that is until they no longer agree with the left.

    • That bias was a predicted outcome of ceasing to be the official town crier. 

      An interactive Internet forever changed that monopoly,

      because people could ask, "Why?",

      and find out themselves.

    • Having the facts and knowing the law was violated does nothing to bring justice... it takes a willing sheriff,  or local LEO's and prosecutors to charge the criminals and to bring them before a jury where justice can be administered.  Knowing a crime occurred is not the same as prosecuting a crime.

    • Even if there is prosecution, you also need judges and courts that apply the law properly. We know that we the people cannot trust the judiciary in the US anymore, either. There is very little that we can trust these days. We so need Trump to make America great again just like he did in his first term, when we could indeed trust government, etc. Those were the days..... 

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