• The NWO will shift the theme to Global ecological issues all the while poisoning to death as many as possible.

      The intention is cumulative effect. The ambitious oligarchs cannot be allowed to survive, let alone prevail.

      Our heads of state must begin networking to invoke a trial format (which means gaining actual heads of state).

      I would not trust a World Court or any UN body for obvious reasons. They are sound international investments.

  • Glad to see some people are waking up

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      A LOT of countries are having these protests....our media is hiding it from us. That's why I put them up here!


  • Justice for J6 rally in Phoenix next Saturday and we'll be there.

  • Why are we not doing this in America... there are several reasons:  1.  No leadership or formal organization is willing to properly support such demonstrations.  2) People are more isolated with most of the conservatives located in the suburban areas, not in highly compact metropolitan zones, making it more difficult to assemble large crowds. 3) The MSM in the USA demonizes such events and many people fear legal and employment consequences.  They fear being arrested or fired. 4) Radical political movements are more prevalent in Europe and have a history as vehicles for change... not as much in the USA. Americans are more independent and less likely to congeal around the latest political fad or movement.

    • I recall Klaus Schwab droning on about how the Worlds population was to be angered as an emotional stage of the "Great Reset" campaign.

      Seeing the Dutch reaction, I believe that waves of angry protests may not serve the same benefit, as peaceful non-angry, non-compliant mass protests. 

      That kind of social event says that society is absolutely not devolving into individual isolation and disability, to conduct private lives or communal support..

      Those two conditions are key for the Humanity genocide and political/economic transformation to a World-wide techno-feudal state.

      Something to think about. Anyway, it has to beat you, Marlene, and Dale clubbing one another about the head and shoulders (which I am avoiding).

      the three stooges - Three Stooges Photo (29303376) - Fanpop

      I love these guys!  My favorite iterance.

    • P/S  the lawful barriers to peaceful public assembly in the USA are quite rigorous and EXPENSIVE... in Europe, they don't care about barriers they simply ignore them like ANTIFA and BLM do, when rioting and looting in the USA.  We are fighting a dual standard for assembly and the exercise of free speech... with hate speech now crowding out political debate with draconian measures... ask those in the January 6th protest who are still in jail and apparently are going to remain there for the foreseeable future... that is a major detractor for holding political assemblies and rallies... who want to be locked up without bail or trial for peaceful assembly?

  • This people know more about freedom than some people in our country you see they were born free and don't give a dam about the men and women who died for their freedom 

  • Interesting way to protest!

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