Obama administration directed putsch against Trump

The Presidential “election” held in November 2020 was a kaleidoscope of foreign interference. From the parent company of Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. receiving a $400 million infusion from a subsidiary of a Swiss/CCP slush fund within a month of the election to Dominion’s intellectual property being held by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) as collateral, American citizens face the unique problem of trying to identity which part of their election system is actually controlled by Americans.

Just before January 6th, an Italian lawyer named Alfio D’Urso, in a signed statement, alleged that Arturo D’Elia, an Italian programming prodigy whose work experience includes the U.S. Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations and NATO, confessed to an election cyber-attack using military encryption. In D’Urso’s video statement, he states that D’Elia’s involvement in the cyber-attack is known by a “security services official.” To date, these allegations have been difficult to corroborate as D’Elia was arrested in December 2020 and is currently behind held in Salerno under house arrest. Equally curious is the time frame of the alleged crime, which is from 2015-2017. Maria Zack, who originally broke the story, stated that the arrest of D’Elia for a crime he apparently committed three years earlier was to keep him from fleeing the country and testifying about the cyber-attack.

With this backdrop, CD Media is releasing a letter obtained from former President Trump’s legal team that, like the many intriguing allegations out of Italy, provides more questions than answers. The letter to the President is extremely similar in content and structure to D’Urso’s affidavit, but was written weeks earlier and includes more details, such as the names of an Italian General and business magnate.
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  • Burn his @ss

  • The problem with the 2020 Election and its legitimacy ended when the State's certified and sent their Electors to Congress on January 6dth to cast their ELECTORAL VOTE for President.  Congress had the option to refuse any or all of the Electors as FRAUDULENT or to confirm their legal status by accepting their votes.  Congress accepted their votes ... allowing FRAUDULENT ELECTORS to cast their vote for Biden... The State Legislatures, Governors, and finally the Congress all had an opportunity to challenge the vote as a fraud.... they all failed to do so.  Our Electoral System failed to provide sufficient protection and safeguards to ensure that all these agencies acted properly to certify the election... the result was the confirmation and LAWFUL installation of Pres. Biden as president.

    We have permitted a totally bankrupt Electoral System to operate in the USA... That system failed to stop the fraud and in fact, LEGALIZED a fraudulent outcome.  I would remind everyone that the President IS NOT ELECTED BY POPULAR VOTE... He is elected by the Electoral College.  The Electors are appointed, according to STATE LAW, and are confirmed as legitimate by the Governor, Secretary of State, and the Legislatures of our several States... The State Governments of all 50 States certified the elections as lawful.  Not one State found challenged a single Electoral Vote as fraudulent.  Congress did not find a single Electoral Vote to be fraudulent on January 6th.  Instead, Congress confirmed and ratified a fraudulent election. 

    What is our legal recourse... the people must remove every one of those involved in ratifying this stolen election using the next election or sooner where recall laws are available. So far, not one petition to recall a governor, secretary of state, or legislature for certifying a fraudulent election is on file where such actions are available. Why?  It takes leadership in places of power and lots of money to support recall petitions and legislative action to make it happen.  There simply is no organized movement to make recalls happen.  Name one State with a recall statute, that is recalling a governor, secretary of state, or members of the legislature for permitting the fraud to occur.  There are none.  Name one state where the legislature has passed a referendum declaring the 2020 election a fraud...  and recalling their Electoral Votes... not one has.

    So, what sayeth the law regarding the 2020 Election... Did it result in the lawful process? Did the State's ratify and send their Electors to Congress with their votes for Biden?  Did Congress accept and certify those Electors as legitimate? Then, is Biden Constitutionally the President as certified by the States and Congress?   The answer may not sit well with us. but our own representatives declared Biden the lawful President and we must now find a way to deal with the aftermath of such a gross betrayal of the People's trust. The People no longer have a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

    • You are 100% correct. I am on the phone daily and sending e-mails to all of my state reps and senators telling them not asking but demanding they fight for us in the congress. I am just one person. It tkae 1000's of us to make a difference. Are you one of tjhose 1000's? Or are you a pussy that sits and makes comments on this and other websites?

    • It takes more than motivated intent to organize and FUND a government reform movement... The patriot is primed, ready, and looking for ways to engage lawful reforms.   However, they lack leadership and the organization(s) to focus their energy on resolving the problem.  The issue is not one of commitment to reform, it is the lack of and failure of leadership to organize the base on reforms; too, direct the pent-up disappointment, over the failure of our institutions, to deliver Constitutional Government on constructive, peaceful means of reform... modeling our movement after the civil rights movement of the '60s and the Polish Solidarity Movement of the '80s.

      Individuals acting on their own are soon isolated and their voices muted...  without effective leadership and organizations... without adequate FUNDING and the leadership to focus the people on our Nation's problems, we will continue our descent into oblivion.  We need LEADERS and FUNDS... without both, the Patriot can not expect to change the direction of our Nation's governance.  Apparently, America no longer has the visionaries and leaders of the stature found in our colonial days. The cries of the people have failed to arouse the leadership needed to return our nation to its founding principles. If our Union is to remain that city set upon a hill that our forefather's bequeathed to us... we must find the leadership and funding needed to successfully respond to the Marxist insurgency now in control of our government.

    • Allen blaine: I too am calling my reps and writing emails. I call so often that the underlings that answer the phone recognize my number and call me by name. I encourage others to call and email to have their voice heard. 

  • Of course this government is illegitimate. It was created by fraud. Only now we are getting a world wide hint of the devestation ready to befall us all due to the back room manipulation by the likes of Soros and his allies, especially those in congress.


  • But dimwitocrats are still insisting there was no voter fraud.  That is still not enough for the anti-American party - H R 1 has passed the house (along a party line vote) and is on to the Senate as S1.  Hopefully some dimwitcrats will grow some stones and say No Way!


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