• The neighbors would have police there in half a minute.   That is if they still have police.

  • So much for free speech!/p>

  • Yeah.   That' really friendly and PROLDEMATIC too.   What the hell language is proldematic?

    I'd say throw them a dictionary, but they're not worth the couple bucks.


    friendly offended neighbors.    No such thing.   I'd add a note to the bottom telling them how insanely offensive their little love note is and leave it posted there for any interested parties to observe.


  • Leave the flag up and tell the 'neighbor' that you can mind your own business if he can mind his.  If he finds the American flag offensive, he should move to Venezuela.


    • I'll vote for that.   

      Not sure, but I think that one with the narrow blue stripe is supposed to support police.   I could be wrong.

    • You are right!

    • Thank you Edie.   It is a little different flag and I wondered about it for quite a while.

      There are lots of them here.   And there's a program where people supporting police burn a blue light at their front door.   Army families burn a green one.

      Was very pleasantly surprised one day when I pulled in through the rear gate and there was a parade going on.   Cars all sporting American flags.   Must have been 50 cars.  Beautiful   Lots of vets here.

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