• " What would you do if you found a note like this? "

    Invite 'em over to take it down.

  • Keep it flying

  • So HOW do we get over all of this BS???

  • I have blue lights for police and green- for vets also in my yard And if folks don't like it they can KMA

  • I would hang up 6 more flags!

  • I would ignore it .  The 1st amendment says I can then I would put up 2 more. 

  • I just have to say, I posted in my front yard a 4 foot by 6 foot sign in 2016 " Hillary for Prison ", my neighbors loved it, except for the clown that had just moved in from colorado, who sold his house and left after only 4 months of living there. I hope it wasn't something I said.

  • Interesting.  Let's see, I'd take their death threat seriously.  I'll call local and federal law enforcement.  We have criminal trespass, issuing of death threats (as they specified neighbors) "We're offended, take it down."  a violation of First Amendment rights.  The phone number is nice but I'd go with fingerprints on the paper.  Anyone could place a phone number there.  Oh yes, don't forget domestic terrorism.  What websites did these 'articles' come from?  Does the website have terrorist leanings?  Once the "neighbors" have been identified, press charges.  Nothing like a nice perp walk mid-day to let the rest of the cabal know to back off or face similar action.  Next, take out a permit to peacefully assemble say ... across the street from their homes?  Signs extolling the virtues of the police and First Amendment rights would be nice.  Invite the press!  They'll cover the others, but then you made the call to the press so perhaps that would constitute defamation of character on the part of the reporter.  They're coming after you anyway.  Stay within the law.  Security cameras should be kept up to date as well.  Perhaps they've also violated the mandatory mask dictates of your local dictator.  Now that one will really get them in hot water if they are risking their neighbors lives by not wearing a mask.

    • I think your over the top! Lol I see no death threat.  However, I would not remove the flag but add some choice Trump signage.  Most of the time they go crying to the HOA to get a flag removed.  

    • Missouri where they broke into a gated community, threatened to shoot the home owners dog and burn down their house.  Now here after Missouri, the threat is implied.  Take down the flag or else.  Or else what?  Will they show up in the dark and post another message or will they as the offended take further action.  As the home owner you didn't do what they said when they told you to do it.  I've lived in communist countries.  The first time the 5150s didn't visit face to face, they left a message and I believe the threat is there.  Let law enforcement decide.  However to paraphrase a fellow from Sun Valley, Idaho, who has been known to say 'they'll be back.'  When they do will they be nice and friendly?  I doubt it. 50+ days of anti-police in Portland, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, California...the threat is clear.  You have a way to tie specific people to this with their fingerprints on the warning they left.  Next time there may not be anything left behind to tie them to your unfortunate 'accident.'

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