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  • Even Ants will not move into "Castles Built of Sand on a Beach." Surely even Today's American Parents are just as smart as Ants!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Teachers are forbidden to give children aspirin for headaches on the basis of being "Unqualified." So how are they now qualified to make a psychological diagnosis?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • My question would be "Just how many teachers study psych 101", during their preparations to become ceritified teachers?  My guess would be not many, therefore they are NOT qualified  to make, much less  diagnose any such issue. 

    • No, they only study Marxist John Dewey. After that they study "diversity." Then they study "equity." Then they study CRT and white privilege.  Then they study "Safe spaces." And then "Inclusion. " Sounds so good,  right? Oh, and America Bad is somewhere in there. 

  • This is getting a bit boring ... “we want everyone to get  ‘vaccinated’ and if one tactic fails, we’ll do another one”.

    Now there is the move to discredit parents as the overseers of their children’s lives ... in schools. Why? So that the central authority (teachers) can step in to be the overseers. Yet another ploy to ‘vaccinate’ the kids!

    Parents: don’t yield your authority!

    This is not about me (or you) being stubborn. I’ve been an engineer for many years BSEE CCNY 1961, followed by MSEE UCLA a few years later.

    Much to say, but in summary, the so-called COVID preventative is NOT a vaccine ... it is mRNA gene therapy ... never been applied to humanity before!! So, Big Pharma lied ... surprise??

    Beyond the dishonesty in calling mRNA a vaccine, there are several technological problems:

    1. mRNA therapy will lead to alterations of DNA with no way to reverse the process.
    2. mRNA therapy has a propensity for causing blood clots as its “spike protein” attaches to the interior of blood vessel walls. When such a clot travels to the lungs, that’s call a pulmonary embolism; if it travels to the brain, it is called stroke.
    3. mRNA therapy will cause myocarditis ... inflammation of the heart ... life threatening.

    Any questions? Please contact me at

    P.S. There are good alternatives to the above.

  • Once upon a time, teachers were a blessing to kids with problems, and great advisors to parents. They would often see something a parent might have missed. In TODAY'S  Schools however, only the Agenda matters, NOT the health or privacy of the kids OR the parents. We are now seeing schools trying to take all parental authority and input from mom and dad, and gain total control of OUR children's  minds. #EMPTYTHCLASSROOMS.

  • Are they expecting some kind of mental reaction for the coved shots?

  • How? Educators do not even have "Certification" in Trimming Toe Nails!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain



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