• C.C.P. controls our media. Notice thst yet?...........Internet search engines act as if they're under C.C.P. control as of late also. Plowing right ahead with the installation of their Totalitarian RULE OVER US!!!  The noose is tightening................Fight or SURRENDER TO TYRANTS the time for having a choice between the two is waning!

  • Perhaps it would be more equitable to just deduct the costs of Thanksgiving from the amount sent to the IRS for Income Tax.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Dear NBC News, perhapsd stop spreading lies and Get the F..k off the air!!!  (sorry about the language - I'm just so tired of these lying pieces of ...)

    • Not a bit of it.  Well said.  Actually I'd like to buy the lady a drink

  • Yeah, perhaps we could all have some warm water and rolled oats.  Or we could listen to her.  Now that's plenty of turkey.  What do you imagine Miss make up, two coats of primer and a coat of varnish will be eating, tuna fish snadwiches?  NBC and her both more than all the turkey anyone would ever need.

  • The only inflated turkey is the one telling us to forego the turkey. GTH!

  • Typical rational of the woke left.  It borders on idiocy.  BTW, I got my turkey free at our neighborhood grocery store .... and liberals are never welcome at my home.

  • Thanksgiving without turkey is just another dinner..

  • Hey NBC KMA!

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