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  • Trump was too busy fending off far left demonrats. Otherwise he would have taken control of the lying mainstream media. He would have put his government in charge of policing the truth and then we would not have had the rigged election, either. If the Trump government had controlled the media and if their telling lies would have been a thing of the past, President Trump would have won with an even bigger landslide.

  • Why would anyone waste their time watching any of the main stream media thinking what they are seeing is news? That is MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and PBS as well as read any of the main stream news papers like NYT, Chicago Tribune, USA Today (or any of the Gannett papers who over 50 years ago I worked for) and LA Times, there are others. What is seen watching them is propaganda not news. The MSM (listed above) are the underlying reason(s) we are going through all this crap today. They are making the fundamental transformation into a communist country the so called democrats are promoting possible. Furthermore, they are abusing the first amendments declaration of a free press. Looks like to them free press means lying is acceptable and they are free to say anything they want true or not! Of course we can throw in the high tech folks which includes at least, Face Book, Google, Amazon and Twitter, as well. That is how deep this problem currently is. They also make the fraud possible in the last election. Rest assured what they are doing is not what the founders had in mind when they wrote the first amendment. Take that to the bank!

    Of course we should all also know congress could solve this problem if they ever found their way possible to do their job. Don’t hold your breath there or stand on one leg waiting for that miracle to happen! They have not done their job since the late 1860's.

    Currently the only media worth watching is OAN, FOX, NEWSMAX AND THE BLAZE not necessarily in that order. At least they try to get it right! However, for all intents and purposes journalism is dead! Lets face it there just are not any more Walter Winchell’s in the news media!

  • "Together We Stand", "Divided We Fall". The latter is happening right before I eyes. Because instead of conducting unbiased objective reporting, interviews and questioning of political party officials; mainstream media executives/journalists purposefully distort  manipulate, edit, and even omit information/questioning to favor the Democratic Party, and/or vilify the Republican Party. They have in effect successfully weaponized freedom of the press to benefit only the Demopcratic Party. That's why this nation has not been as divided and on the brink of dire ruin at this level since the Civil War ended in 1865.  

  • Freedom of the press is one thing - actually lying is another.  The best way would be for people to just stop viewing any of the main stream media channels but that would take educating people who seem to be afraid of being anything but ignorant.  Several major and I mean major lawsuits would help also.  But you would have to have pretty deep pockets to even start such actions. And unfortunately it seems that the people who have deep pockets in this country are democrats.

  • The alphabet networks lost me years ago.  No idea who their anchors are.  This would make an enlightening survey question!

  • That is why I won't watch NBC. I want the news not your opinion, not your lies, not the BS.

  • I don't watch any of the socialist news

  • I'm sick of Godless N's being Godless N's...! 

  • I don't watch these channels

  • Don't watch MSM and don't support their sponsors 

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