Navy SEALs have been informed by their superiors that they won’t be deployed if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine, even if they’re granted a religious or medical exemption, according to lawyers representing the elite special operations troops and a document seen by The Epoch Times.

“What they’ve been told is if they apply for a religious accommodation, they will no longer be deployable,” R. Davis Younts, who is representing seven SEALs and is in talks to take on approximately 20 others, told The Epoch Times.

Timothy Parlatore, whose firm represents a number of SEALs and other service members concerned about the vaccines, said his clients have also been given a similar ultimatum.

Some SEALs have even been sent home mid-deployment for refusing a vaccine, one of his clients told him.

A document presented to the SEALs says that any special operations personnel, including Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen, “who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine based solely on personal or religious beliefs will be disqualified from [special operations] duty.” It was signed by Capt. Liam Hulin.

“This will affect deployment and special pays,” the document also states. “This provision does not pertain to medical contraindications or allergies to vaccine administration.”

The reasons the SEALs don’t want a shot are the same as many unvaccinated Americans. They believe they have so-called natural immunity, or protection against reinfection after getting COVID-19 and recovering. And a subset are Christians who don’t want any medicines that are developed using cells from aborted fetuses.

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  • One world order being put into play. They're tightening the noose fast. Times running out. Hell on earth coming soon if we don't stand up to it.

  • The Seals should take the Vaccine only after Biden and His Cronies do "Two Parachute Jumps!" "The First is Without a Chute. The Second is Optional."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • In addition to making us energy dependence, taking over health care, indoctrinating the children in public schools, weakening the economy with higher taxes, infusing the country with illegal aliens and empowering our enemies, this is the part of the Biden’s administration Marxist plan to weaken the military and take over America

  • They should refuse!  They don't need to deployed and follow the orders of a dementiaed anti American imbidle who doesn't their back!

  • Perhaps they could be deployed to accomplish a far more useful task.

  • This is ridiculous.  It seems to me the Biden Administration, the deep state, the military and just about every demockrat is doing everything they can to destroy this country.  I don't recall that the Constitution states it is okay to take away a person's rights because of what has turned out to be a phony pandemic. 

    • The millitary has always served as experimental ginny pigs... check history and you will see how they put soldiers in fox holes near Atom bomb tests to see how the radiation would affect them long term.. they were told they were testing "new uniform" material.. Actually before PBS went "woke" they had a program on it.. 


  • "Navy SEALs Told They’re Undeployable If They Don’t Get COVID-19 Vaccine"

    These are healthy young men at their physical peak through training.

    They could not be so without a healthy immune system.

    If so, they do not want to be deployed in body bags in a few years

    due to disease sponsored from experimental drugs.

    No real existing reason can be offered the arm-twist.

    Or are the shots they get somehow differant than

    what the public is being offered?

This reply was deleted.