• The "Past" consist of equal parts of gore and glory, hope and hopelessness. What a person speaks of the past reflects the image of themselves. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Is everyone clear on this? The only possible solution to save Our Nation is to Place Colonel Ron A. Nelson and His Aide Dr Camp John Briggs in complete and total charge of our nation's Salvation and Recovery with All of Our Personal Treasures Laid at His Feet to do Best as His Wisdom Dictates! From all the responding rhetoric, this is the only possible option available! Where do I send the Check John?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Well they could hardly do worse than our current leadership until we factor for disclaimers disallowing the illegal and immoral.  One then has to wonder how they'd ever plan to get anything done?

  • I find it always foreboding, dangerous and foolhardy for anyone to combine "Civil War and Biblical Prophesy!" Mankind has been fore telling the End Of Days according to Scriptures from the time words were applied to parchment from God through the flaws of man. As for our own Civil War, it was as much then as now over Citizens Rights under Our Constitution's First Ten Amendments. No less, no more. All else is emotional diatribe. If "We" who profess to Stand With and Uphold Our Constitution cannot even give ourselves the simple dignity of Allowing Equal Protection of Ideas and Ideals Under Its Laws then perhaps we deserve to no longer compare ourselves to the same standards as Our Founding Fathers.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I find it always foreboding, dangerous and foolhardy for anyone to combine...." just about anything at all with Biblical Prophesy except perhaps one's own spirituality and personal religious beliefs.  Sweet Jesus, (pardon the pun) if I haven't discovered some agreement between us.  Who would have ever imagined?  

  • Colonel and John, If you truly believe in your Five Million Man March on Washington D.C. just follow the example of Dr. King and begin it with your own steps and a few followers. If your goal is true to the heart you'll need no monies for communications, lodgings, foods, organizations and media coverage as "If the cause is The People's Cause, All Will Be Provided!" If you believe you're right, stop talking and start walking.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain 

  • Well John, you know what they say about opinions, they're like assholes, everyone's got one. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Well, let us look at these opinions.  Some opinions are like firm torpedo stools.  Some opinions are diarrhetic and all that that implies in regards to opinions.  Some are unspoken opinions: constipated.  Then others are combinations of the aforementioned. 

      Your comment about opinions is not only overused, but is also a way of trying to end a conversation or debate because the one saying this course statement: has nothing more to add to the conversation: is fearful of losing the debate; needs to feel a sense of superiority gained by besmirching the listener; and/or wants the listener of this phrase to be quiet and go away.

      As I condense all of your thinking and compare it to mine, I sense that you desire an armed rebellion,  I want an un-armed rebellion.  An armed rebellion while bring many into the fight: military and civilian.  All races, creeds, religions, both genders, and military will be found on both sides of the war – and it will be war.  Who do you shoot? Friendly and unfriendly fire!  OR, we select any of my options with no weaponry.  I seriously doubt that any gunfire will occur.  We can withdraw if we are fired upon.  Many more will join our side if we, the un-armed, are fired upon.  Then we march anew, but this time armed. 

      So, what are these two opinions from a dairy-air?  Label these statements/stances/opinions as solid stool (solid thinking) or diarrhea (without solid thinking).

  • Colonel, Do you have any conception of the amount of firearms the Private Citizens pocess? Anyway, it is far better to drown in blood than exist under the boots of Slavery.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The Conventional weapons available to most civilians are not designed to engage in rates of fire associated with extended combat... the heat generated in their barrels will eventually cause catastrophic failure. Those using military-grade ARs or WW-2 war surplus weapons need to know that such weapons are nearly useless on a modern battlefield or engagement. Modern Body Armor and light armored vehicles can defeat such weapons... even most armor-piercing rounds.

      The irregular militia and or private citizen is not capable of mounting sustained and effective operations against a modern military... First, the private militia doesn't have the necessary order of battle, communication networks, live running intel, or the military-grade direct and indirect fire weapons necessary to win battles. They lack access to live intel, armor, artillery, air, and naval power.  They have no credible logistical or medical base, capable of supporting the smallest of military combat formations. The private militia (civilian) will be ID,  isolated, and destroyed, with methodical precision; often without the deceased ever seeing their attackers. I won't even get into the use of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear weapons available to the Military if needed.

      You have no idea of what you are dealing with ... it is laughable to think that millions of men, armed with conventional light infantry weapons, would have a chance at defeating the US Military and its potential allies (NATO forces) Going to war with poorly lead, unorganized, untrained, poorly equipped and supplied civilians is an invitation to bring a body bag with you.

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