• Yes, he did and those calling President Trump Hitler and calling we conservatives Nazis are projecting their own evils on the innocent.  That is what libtards do!!!!!!!!!!

  • What exactly  is Biden afraid of?   This man is paranoid!  He surrounds the Capitol with a fence and thousands of soldiers--for what?   I think it's time to demand an explanation of why he is calling these troops.  He spent almost the whole time prior to the election hiding in his basement and now he's hiding again.  This is not a sign of a leader but of a  coward!

    • I agree, we should demand to know what's going on with the guard in D.C.

  • Does any one out there know why? I bet those guardsmen and woman don't even know why. The white House is the people's house. Not a fortress.

    • True Ann. But usually trespassing criminals do not lurk there.

      Kinda explains a lot of behavior, no?

    •  yes, and unfortunately the criminals reside in the white house now. So are the guards there to protect them ? why has the pentagon over ruled some of Biden's recent wants who's in control?

  • A lot of someones with a very guilty conscience thinking they have been caught!

    • ......knowing they have been caught would be the cause of paranoia......

    • Biden is calling them up.  I think it is nothing but a show. One that is designed to make people believe that the REAL threat is from Trump, and Trump supporters. Biden and his gang are taking the impeachment bull-sh-t to the Senate, and the excessive protection is necessary to protect life and property while justice is being done. That is what they intend to show.  Trump is dangerous.

      While I have the floor, and at the risk of angering the Military, let me point out a severe weakness of it in times precisely as this.  The Military is trained to follow orders. Military people are trained to be followers, and when they reach the top of the food chain so to speak, that training is still in place.  What that means is if a criminal becomes the Commander in Chief, the Military will follow obediently. 

      This means that the Military is not bound to Trump, but to Biden.  Some are even overjoyed at the change in command. They never liked Trump anyway.  A retired 4-star is now in Bidens Cabinet, serving as Sec. of Defense, right along with the other gang of horse theives in the administration.

      Now, when push comes to shove, the Military is no longer on your side. Honest people need to recognize this. Our Government doesn't belong to true American citizens any longer.


    • Hello Dale, I hope you are wrong, but fear you are correct.   Since they built a beautiful wall/fence around D.C.  The Repubs should call a session of Congress and not show up...lock the Dems/globalists inside and we'll start a new ???

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