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  • She is a Luciferian leader Demon.  and she is the waste of time and space. 


  • Me thinks the heat is getting to her

  • Was it the useful idiot reporter who had a thrill down his leg some 8 years ago?

    • that could be the Obama lover beside the Biden is a part of it.

  • This is the enemy within.  She is obesse with the destruction of President Trump.  Her and Biden need to be roommates in some old folks home.  


  • These lying demonrats should take a leaf out of Trump's book when it comes to honesty and transparency. 

  • Old witch needs to go

    • amen to that !!

  • What a child.

  • I pray America wakes up soon to just how far these people who brazenly think of themselves as leaders have gone going against God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is sovereign with no law above him.  Be a light in this darkness.  Our voices need to show how our faith is stronger than the muck that Satan's minions are spreading as far and wide as they can.  Satan knows he has only a little while longer.  Don't let him snatch you from God's hand.  In the end WE WIN!!!!

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