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  • They are going to find this old bitch slumped over her giant pile of money while her family says nancy who?

  • She is an idiot and just don't want to accept President Trump did what Obama and other politicians president failed to do 

    • Exactly! and she is old can not even talk right


  • is she sick or is she a joke?


    I despise Pelosi & the entire lying corrupt Communist Democrat Party!

    Pelosi should be in prison getting her hair done by one of the inmates in prison salon.7931574084?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • She is a super corrupt, evil thief!

  • The leftist azzwipes have to belittle, demean all good things. They always went through the motions to get their faces on tv or their names in press, their intent was to keep the wars going, expending national blood while laundering and directing national treasure into their own bank accounts, allowing enough to go into their political coffers to insure they keep their corrupted ones in power, to maintain the success of their looting of America agenda.

  • King David said "I have learned the ways of God, therefore I {hate} a false way". 

  • Pure Evil this Bwitch is!

  • I'm right there with you; I despise her, too. There is no excuse for her evil ways.

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