When the Department of Justice (DOJ) finally dropped the case against General Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser for President Donald Trump, House Democrats slammed the decision as a partisan attempt to “cover up” for Trump — presumably on Russia. While Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, presented evidence suggesting Flynn was “set up by corrupt agents” who threatened his son in order to pressure him into pleading guilty, Democrats insisted that the DOJ’s decision to drop the case will “incriminate Bill Barr.”


“Attorney General Barr’s politicization of justice knows no bounds,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement. “Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators in the face of overwhelming evidence – but now, Attorney General Barr’s Justice Department is dropping the case to continue to cover up for the President.”

“Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his illicit Russian contacts,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) tweeted. “His lies do not now become truths. This dismissal does not exonerate him. But it does incriminate Bill Barr. In the worst politicization of the Justice Department in its history.”

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  • The impeachment trial of the President settled the matter of RUSSIA, RUSSIA... being an agent for the President.  Continued allegations and undermining of the President and his administration over this point is now clearly SEDITION an attempt to illegally remove the President.  Time to arrest those promoting these events starting with the leadership in the Democrat Party... let their goons riot, they will be met with more than enough Patriots to silence them forever if necessary... in lawful defense of life and property..

    • as long as we have Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the Democrats it's going to get ugly and I totally agree with you. 

  • The Democrat Party is a threat to the future of our country.  PERIOD!......What idiot STILL can't sse that?

    • Hey! Phil, you are speaking my language thank you.

  • I do hope that when they all go home, that their "Mothers" crawl out from under the porch and bite them on the leg!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I don't think it's going to happened

  • She is an evil Communist who wants to destroy our Traditional America

    • who is she you referring to if you talk about Nancy she definitely looks she is demon possess.

  • Methinks she doth protest too much!

  • the Democrats are sold to Satan

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