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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared to conclude that President Trump and his allies “don’t believe in governance” — her explanation as to why they reject sweeping mask mandates — during a guest appearance on a bonus episode of Hillary Clinton’s podcast You and Me Both released Monday.

The two Democrat leaders discussed a range of topics, primarily the Capitol protest that took place on January 6. However, they also briefly discussed the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, with Clinton telling the 80-year-old lawmaker that it is “just heartbreaking that while this attack on our democracy proceeds, the numbers of Americans dying from COVID keep going up.”

“Small businesses keep closing; unemployment requests keep rising. The vaccine rollout is too slow,” Clinton said, explaining that lawmakers are trying to balance addressing the riot — which Pelosi said Congress “can’t move on” from — as well as the “very urgent needs” of the American people. 

“It makes a big difference,” Pelosi said in response to Democrats having control of the White House and Senate moving forward.

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  • Dear President Donald J. Trump,

    It is our Only Hope. I am packed. 5861’ desert view dr., La Jolla, calif. no other way will work but the scripture way. Matt. 23:39 is a verse of scripture, in the Name of “YaHooVaH”. For two thousand years we have not repented to ask His Salvation for the land and people, in The Creator’s Name, rather than Constantine’s Roman gods names. After all, after 1871, here, at America,we had the BAR, British Accredited Register for the courts.

    Yacob, Jacob, will come, at Hosea 5:14-15 it says, in other words, we will come, to Mount Moriah, Altar of David. Not Esau of John 8:33. So, if you really do care about America and the people of the earth you will get me there. The Creator is America’s Judge, and, you know it. He says to the daughter of Zion, that from the ends of the earth, a city sought out a city not forsaken, and, here I am. Luke 11:31, Isaiah 62, Zeph. 3, come. No NASARA solution with fallen angels you call aliens in space is a solution. They are of Satan like Galatians 1:8 tells us, and are cursed. They want our Holy Spirit given to us by The Creator, and, our souls. No, we are owned by the Creator, and, we who love Him are His inheritance. See Deuteronomy 32. We call on Him by His true name as Ps 91 says. “YaHooVaH YaHoshua HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael” will protect us for His Name’s sake. He can not deny Himself, or His Word for those He loves and who love Him in Faith. Our Faith is precious to Him.

    The Creator, is a Great King, and Worthy of Praise, at Exodus 9:16, He tells us His Name is to be Glorified over all the earth. If we want protection from Satan, and, his confederacy of Isaiah 8, we better address Him, properly. Matthew 23:39 tells us that. But, we need to be brought there like Isaiah 43:6 and Isaiah 66 tells us. But, where is the faith of Abraham, Yisac and Yacob to go to Moriah, the Mountain of the teaching of YaHooVaH? That is what Moriah means, did you know? Abraham left the military, confusing courts, and piracy of the merchants of the sea people of the Chaldeans to come to Mount Moriah to worship the Creator of all. He has not received the promise yet, because he waited for us to also come for The Promise. Will we come now and receive all the promises of The Creator, Father and Son?

    Do you want our Savior back? Then obey Matthew 23,39.

    In the Name of “YaHooVaH”
    Virginia ulrich

    The Chicom Military Insurance Policy To Protect Biden-Harris Is In Place & Is Ready To Act! | China…
  • Join the Trumps new American Patriot Party. We need to set up the New American Government in Texas until we can CLEAN Washington DC out for our NEW Peoples Government by the People for the People.  

  • Sic semper tyrannis, Bwitch!

  • We do not believe in CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.

    We do not support MAFIA IN GOVERNMENT.

  • Pelosi doesn't know what the word governance means.  She is definitely an enemy of the patriots of the U.S.A.  All she knows is power; if that means she destroys the greatest county in the history of the world - well so be it (in her mind).

    Indeed Clinton is is heartbreaking what you Democrats did in conjunction with the CCP.   Small businesses could have opened last May, children could be back in school (even though with what is being taught in schools today, it very dangerous and totally wrong). 

    Goodness gracious these Democrats should all be locked up for Treason and Insurrection!!!



    • Martha, not locked up, HANGED for TREASON!!!!!

    • Democrats use tyrannical tactics to implement their programs.  If government programs are so good, why must they be mandatory?  If they were so good, everybody would voluntarily enroll, but since they really aren't so good, they have to use tyrannical mandatory participation.  

  • Pelosi is a socialist and hated the Construction of the United States she used her religion to fool you but she is a child of Santan 

    • Yes, Pelosi is a communist and hates the Constitution and she is a child of Satan!!  All demoncrats are children of Satan!!

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