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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared to conclude that President Trump and his allies “don’t believe in governance” — her explanation as to why they reject sweeping mask mandates — during a guest appearance on a bonus episode of Hillary Clinton’s podcast You and Me Both released Monday.

The two Democrat leaders discussed a range of topics, primarily the Capitol protest that took place on January 6. However, they also briefly discussed the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, with Clinton telling the 80-year-old lawmaker that it is “just heartbreaking that while this attack on our democracy proceeds, the numbers of Americans dying from COVID keep going up.”

“Small businesses keep closing; unemployment requests keep rising. The vaccine rollout is too slow,” Clinton said, explaining that lawmakers are trying to balance addressing the riot — which Pelosi said Congress “can’t move on” from — as well as the “very urgent needs” of the American people. 

“It makes a big difference,” Pelosi said in response to Democrats having control of the White House and Senate moving forward.

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  • both are satanic liars and should be hanged for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Governance = control

  • No, Nancy, we just don't believe in letting IDIOTS govern us!!!  You, Biden*, and Chuckie ALL qualify.

    • They want to rule not govern!!!!!

  • I cant even play this game today.  I have never felt more unChristian.

  • It is "of the people, by the people, for the people". How come the commies can't get that into their brainwashed heads?

  • We the People ... Will not be governed by a Tyrrantical Luciferian Socialist government ... with a herd of demon possessed vile devils ... Absolutely Not. 


  • I agree with most of you are saying & Nasty P. is a Very Evil person! I think I'll tell Hitlery that Bill C. has been seeing Nasty & maybe something good will happen to her! I don't think Trump is done helping America & we All Must Keep Faith & Pray! God Bless America!

  • How will the Democrats rid themselves of Pelosi. She is a tremendous liabilty, as Pretender Joke Biden is as well. But Biden will fade fairly soon. Princess Nan acts like she is going nowhere. So I am guessing, in the style of criminal organizations, dealing with Nan should be brusque and to the point.

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