Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has reportedly been linked to at least five business entities under investigation by authorities for alleged fraud.

The 52-year-old Paul Pelsoi Jr., the only son of Nancy and Paul Pelosi Sr., was hired by several firms that were subject to both federal and state probes, and meanwhile has “connections to a host of fraudsters, rule-breakers and convicted criminals,” although he has never been charged himself, according to

The website reports that in February 2007, Pelosi Jr. was hired as senior vice president by Omaha-based InfoUSA, a database marketing company that was investigated by the Iowa Attorney General’s Office several years earlier for allegedly selling consumer data to fraudsters.

The data was then used to scam sick and gullible elderly people out of money, it was alleged. The investigation was closed and no arrests were made. Pelosi Jr., who was paid a salary of $180,000 per year, joined the firm after the probe ended.

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  • Yes, the family is rotten to the bone, but don't forget that's why they all get into government.

  • That family is rotten to the bone

  • Apples don,t fall far from the tree ! Re: Hunter Biden .  The Dem must encourage their children to follow in their foot steps . Lie ,cheat and steal all you can ,while you can .

  • he is part of the pelosi crime cartel that goes back to at least her father!!!!!  The mafia is in her blood and she is as corrupt and evil as any other devildemocommiecrat, out only for personal wealth and power!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is McCarthy and McConnell threatening to hold investigations into any of this?  It would certainly be a winning campaign issue for Trump now wouldn't it?  Draining the swamp means cleaning up corruption doesn't it.  Isn't it the logical place to begin?  Rather telling,or so it seems that no one ever makes much of an issue about any like this.  A campaign slogan sure, but actually doing something, well that's a whole different matter, Trump included. 

  • Nancy is a Mafia Princess. Just B.A.U.

  • Sounds like him and hunter have a lot in common

  • Not only is crime a family generational business for (at least) the Bidens, pelosis and Clintons, but seems that the parents hide behind their children until it gets noticed.

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