I just saw an item that once again exposes nutty nancy pelosi for the entitled hypocrite she has always been ( .  While she constantly rails about how the coronavirus is President Trump's fault and that We the People MUST bow to demands by the left that we comply with unconstitutional edicts she once again shows her disdain for the rules she expects citizens to obey).  This is far from nutty nan's first act of hypocrisy and nowhere near will it be her last.  The democrat party propaganda arm called the "mainstream media" refuses to cover the lies and hypocrisy of their democrat benefactors.  Liberals continually rail about "racism" of conservatives, among other false accusations, that are only projections of their own hypocritical opinions.  Look at how black conservative candidates for political offices are denigrated as "oreos" (black on the outside and white on the inside), Uncle Toms, House Negros, and other denigrating names, because they don't bow to the plantation mentality that they can't prosper without handouts from a "benevolent democrat party".  That attitude is racism if I ever heard it but they never get called out for it because the media and other anti-God, antui-American leftists have the same agenda in mind, the destruction of America as a Representative Republic with Almighty God as the key and replace it with a Godless global dictatorship in which there is no liberty for anyone not bowing to them. 

Pelosi went to a hair salon that had been ordered closed by fellow radical dictator, Governor gavin newsom, and was seen walking about not wearing a mask as she demands citizens wear.  I fail to understand how anyone with enough brain power to be able to breathe can vote for such duplicity and hypocrisy but they do.  Democrats have progressively grown more radical as the years have gone by.  Funded by Nazi war criminal george soros and other just as radical billionaires and millionaires,, the democrat party is able to survive by buying votes with welfare paid from the confiscated earnings of hard working American citizens.  Democrats use these confiscated funds to both enrich themselves and to buy influence with people too lazy to work and buying into the "you deserve to be supported because you can't make it on your own and anyone expecting you to work is a racist" line of liberals.  Democrats have destroyed the black family by telling women they will be paid for all the children they can have as long as they neither get a job nor allow a man to work to support the children they create.  Planned parenthood, the abortion mill begun by racist Margaret Sanger to eradicate blacks from America, is fully supported by the democrat party while they deride anyone against abortion as "racist".  How can I be a "racist" when I oppose the murder of 350,00 or more black babies every year and want to see intact black families to lessen the amount of crime committed by blacks, including the murder of blacks by black gang members who do what they do because they don't have a good father figure to set an example for them to follow?

Nutty nan and her ilk not only support terrorist groups blm and antifa but actually encourage them to commit more atrocities under the false excuse of "social justice".  The two terror groups are primarily controlled by white radical marxists paid by the soros cabal to destroy our society.  Prominent "leaders" of these groups have even openly bragged that their goal is to overthrow our representative republic and replace it with a communist/marxist "utopia" in which "everyone will be equal".  The equality they espouse is equality under extreme poverty and tyranny controlled by a very small cadre of wealthy elitist tyrants.

Another aspect of this proposed tyranny is the liberal policy of calling conservatives "purveyors of white privilege", the idea that whites are given preferential treatment over "people of color" due to skin color ( and what does people of color even mean?).  This is preposterous as I have seen just the opposite more than once in my lifetime, seeing a black person given preferential treatment over me because I am "white".  One of the most bizarre cases of white privilege I have ever seen is chelsea clinton, who herself rails bout how people like me are treated better because of skin color ( ).  She graduated from college and was immediately given a "journalism" job that paid her $900,000 per year.  How many people, regardless of skin color, start their lives with a job like that?  If anyone should admit to being guilty of White privilege it would be her, hunter biden, al gore, and other children of corrupt, liberal democrat politicians. 

I am old enough to remember when the media was relatively even in their coverage, back in the '50s and very early '60s when we still had journalists who saw their responsibility as keeping the political class accountable to citizens.  After John F. Kennedy was murdered by the deep state in 1963 the media began to turn into the partisan deep state propaganda machine that is so apparent today.  The media hatred for President Trump and any other patriotic American citizen has reached treasonous levels as they openly promote anti-God, anti-American policies and politicians of that stripe.  It saddens me to see where the nation I love and served in the U S Army has sunk to, a nation rapidly turning away from God and liberty and towards hedonism and tyranny.  I wish there was a way for me to be able to talk to those seeking a communist/marxist state so I could at least try to make them understand how they too will suffer if the people they support get control.  It might be a waste of time but I would like to at least try.  History has abundant examples of what happens to the useful idiots that bring tyrants to power.  Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, and others all persecuted and/or murdered those who brought them to power because they saw how easily the idiots could be bought/influenced into revolting and overthrowing a sitting government.  Once tyrants take control their first act is to protect themselves from being overthrown by the people they used to seize power.  Those who think they will benefit from people like me being murdered or thrown into the FEMNA concentration camps will find out that they will be right there with us.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

September 6, 2020

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