• this entire nation needs God but the left see themselves as "gods" and the gop establishment is on board with them, seeking seats at the tyranny table against We the People.  I pray daily for revival in America

  • He and many of his comrades have made the Hell list. I believe Hell is reserved for those in power. Only they can commit the magnitude of human devastation that would condemn ones soul to an eternal hell fire.

  • Will someone tell this idiot that everyone dies and it's 100% true so let him tell the Lord that he should enter heaven.

    • God will have his way with him. 

  • God will burn his fat, ugly little peckerhead-wise ass

  • Actually Nadler, you and your other Democrats have proven that governing is also no concern of the congress; let alone God's will. Maybe he has forgotten that "all men were endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights".  I don't think lying Democrats trying to do away with whatever God people believe in; pay their big donors and pick what businesses succeed and which fail are any of the Rights.

  • There is a reason God made him look like a penguin and act like an a$$ wipe.

  • That completely explains demoncraps. 

  • Those of us who know God, know He will not be mocked. It has been correctly posted that our country is in a spiritual war, that this pompous human excrement is a spiritual corpse. Though we deserve judgement I just don’t believe that is our present fate. I hope that it is the fate for the many who seek to destroy America, but our God is a God who saves. And before our destruction by Him ( the libs and demoncraps already doing that), I still believe He will save. No man can take credit. He will save in an unexpected way. Maybe He will use men, maybe nature, I cannot predict with my limited mind. I trust in the light this nation has been to the world for Him, how we were founded, why we were created as a nation. The colonel correctly says strong words without strong actions change nothing. Hope deferred kills the spirit. Right now I see no action that those in power will succumb to because they follow no laws. Thus it must be a spiritual take over.

  • Need text not streaming.

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