• How about this USURPED Prseidency? I see they're following Xi's advice on ENSLAVING our country!! 

  • Arrogant SOB Cuomo is responsible for killing THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF elderly by forcing Covid patients into nursing homes, WHEN HE COULD HAVE USED THE SHIP AND....THE JAVITZ CENTER.  And why didn't he------ BECAUSE OF POLITICS....the slime bag didn't want to give Donald Trump any credit!!!!!  Just awful!!!!

  • Time to start voting RED, NY.

  • Cuomo killed people with his mouth and needs no fence around him, so what's the DC swamp afraid of? Oh well, that's NY for ya

    • Cuomo should be impeach in my book.


  • Next get rid of DeBlasio!


  • we will see what will happen.

  • Cuomo should be prosecuted, for having very sick people who had the Covid virus placed in Nursing Homes with the eldery people. That stupid move caused so many eledry people to die. Remembering that Cuomo has a brother that is a reporter for CNN. So Cuomo blamed President Trump b/c he did not supply N.Y with the tools needed to combat this Virus. Meanwhile President Trump was sending ventilators, medicine,& other needs to N.Y, portabile Hospitals, & staff to care for patients. Plus he had two Medical ships in route for extra Hospital facilities.What more could our President do?  After thanking Trump, it just went back to the same crap,he should have known early on crap. Hope they are happy now with Biden & Dems, b/c the old crap is back with darkness, again the country is upside down, & still filled with hate,

    • Carol, his brother is not a reporter, he is a talking head puppet.  satan moves his mouth while one of satan's demons does the voiceover!!!!!!!!!

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