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More than 2,500 people have signed a petition calling for the Randolph board of education to resign days after the district voted to remove the names of holidays from the school calendar following a earlier debate about how to refer to Columbus Day.

“(Superintendent) Jen Fano and all of the Board of Education Members have disgraced our community and clearly do not have the best interests of our children in anything they do,” the online petition started late last week reads. “They represent everything that is wrong in education today and are completely incompetent in every aspect of their role.”

The Randolph public school calendar will no longer list any holiday by name. Instead, they’ll be labeled generically — just as a “Day Off,” with no description of the reason behind it. The decision led to a firestorm of criticism.

Randolph School District is located in Morris County, around 60 miles north of Trenton and around 40 miles northwest of New York City.

On Sunday, the board of education issued a statement saying the “large public outcry” regarding the removal of the holidays is because their intentions were misunderstood.

“Our actions are somehow being misconstrued by some to mean that the Randolph School District is no longer recognizing these holidays, teaching about them to our students and honoring the great veterans and the heroes for whom many of these holidays have been named,” the board of education said in remarks posed on the district’s website. “Nothing could be further from the truth. These state, federal and other holidays have not been cancelled or taken away by this board of education as some are falsely claiming. Schools will still be closed on the days that we originally approved and our children will know why. They will still continue to receive instruction in schools about these important historical events and the people behind them.”

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  • All of the Left's inhumanity reminds me of Animal Farm and Brave New Worlds.

  • if they love communism fine then please move to a communist country

  • Their intentions were misunderstood?  It seems pretty obvious to me.  They can make up any story they want - this is still a travesty.  

  • Unbelievable

  • Thats it, parents STAND UP against ALL these schoolboards.  They are trying to destroy ALL our childrens future!  The students need to be taught government, math, science reading, wrighting and the proper use of the AMERICAN language, HISTORY OF THE USA!

  • I'm glad that the Marxists have finally been exposed before they get to destroy America.

  • The American school system has been corrupt for generations. When I attended school in the 50's and 60's, there was a pedophile that was allowed to have his way with preteen boys. His activities were well known. The school board and the city did nothing to protect us from the predator. Young boys taught younger boys how to protect themselves. Our elders didn't give a damn. Current elders now encourage the predators...!

  • If the Holliday does not exist for them, then let the children stay home but they should all go to work since they don't believe in any of the holidays. They should even work on Christmas day for all I care. They should work every stinking day of the 365 to prove what loyal communist they are.

  • This is typical Marxist gradualism... like turning up the heat on a frog in a pan of water, they intend on first eliminating the name for the Holiday and then the history behind it... and in all probability renaming the holiday for some Marxist or Globalists figure... like Mao or Stalin.

    • I could not agree more with your statemenet.  These Marxists have got to be removed in every form of governments from the White House and halls of Congress down to schoolboards and city councils.  We need more brave military and former military members like you to step up and speak up to  help eradicate these America hating fools.  Thank you for your service.


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