• Mike Lindell is blaming the RNC for his failure to file a complaint to the Supreme Court.
  • The complaint, which he claimed would overturn the 2020 election, failed to get any signatures.
  • Lindell also attacked RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel for admitting Joe Biden beat Donald Trump. 

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is blaming the Republican National Committee for his failure to submit a complete complaint to the Supreme Court.

Lindell earlier promised his supporters that he would get the lawsuit to the court before Thanksgiving. He has not filed the complaint and instead uploaded a copy of it to his website on Tuesday. But the complaint appeared to be missing key components, including the names and signatures of a plaintiff and counsel.

"We are in uncharted territory as a Nation. The November 2020 election was stolen," the complaint reads. It includes over 70 pages of unverified and unsupported allegations about voter fraud in several states, including Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Lindell has long railed against the results of the 2020 election, despite there being no evidence of widespread voter fraud. He made similar claims about voter fraud when he sat down this month to interview former President Donald Trump for close to 40 minutes at Mar-a-Lago. During the interview, Lindell baselessly identified California, Texas, and Florida as three states where the most votes were "stolen."

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    • Pragmatism thinks with utility inside the box.

      Idealism thinks creatively outside the box.

      Pragmatism reduces risk (and enhances immediate security). Yet without risk, only status quo is optimally sustained, but with an unsecurable liability for future diminishing returns.

      Idealism invites risk to open opportunities for conceivable advancement. But excessive risk taking (Progressive Socialism) invites unforseen outcomes that may tempt loss of status quo.

      In one of my undecipherable posts, I stated regarding the need for an Australian rebellion,"What price glory?". See my meaning?

      Think Outside The Box by omar.litterick - Meme Center

  • May be the TP would like to see the Foreign  IP addresses of those  which connected with election machines around the country...Mike Lindell has the exact counties and precincts ...Unprovern??? "Barbara Streisand"

    Let's Go Brandon!

    Go Mike Lindell Go!



    • I do not feel any need to defend the TP as the TP has never defended the election, nor has it ever presented it as being anything, but a fraud.  MIke Lindell may have a pair of Joe Biden's dirty underwear for all I know, but he failed to file a law suit as he promised after making a lot of noise and self promoting marketing.  All Mike Lindell has ever produced is over priced pillows, advertising and marketing and if he gets a hold of anyone email adress the advertising and marketing is non stop. 

      He hitched onto Donald Trump to interview to continue on doing his marketing with Trump supporters.  Like Trump himself, he has produced nothing, but self promoting bullschit.  Everyone has the same exact counties and precints.  What is it you think y ou are presenting anyway?  So what?  What has Mike Lindell actually accomplished?  Everyone knows the GOP is part of the problem.  You and your mindless, stupid chant belong at a football game with Barbara Steisand who has exactly nothing to do with any of it anyway.  That's a lot of grey hair for such a complete idiot as yourself.

    • You, sir, are a brainless dolt, and probably a troll since you have to resort to stupid insults.

    • I may be a brainless dolt, but I am not a troll.  I did not have to resort to stupid insults.  I thought I made a fairly well reasoned and factual statement.  I threw in my insults gratutiously as I find such stupidity as you exhibit to be annoying.  Thanks for your reply.

  • Mike Lindell is the strongest voice that Conservatives have. I support Mike Lindell 100%. We need to get rid of the RINOs like Ronna McDaniel, South Dakota Senator John Thune who is up for re-election, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, etc. while we still have a chance. One more fraudulent election like the last one and America will be finished.

    • America is already finished.  You just haven't realized it.  Doesn't matter.  You never saw it coming and you still don't know what hit you.  and Mike Lindell manufactures over priced pillows.  His conservative voice is more about marketing, but, if he sends a message to you, so be it.  I have no quarrel with that.  Let me know when he actually stands for office.   As for McDaniel, Thune, McConnell, & McCarthy it was you conservatives who elected them in the first place.  Do let us know when you kick them out.

  • Look at the way this very article was written:  an attack piece on Mike Lindell, claiming he's a fraud.  And, it seems to be backed up by TEA PARTY, by posting it.  You disgust me, TP!  Mike Lindell has unrefutable evidence that the votes were hacked and stolen.  The RNC is corrupt in its core which is why Ronna McDaniel is a Biden backer.  TRUMP IS THE REAL PRESIDENT.

    • I totally agree with you

    • No one denies any of it, not anything you're saying, least of all the the Tea Party.  But Mike Lindell didn't file his law suit now did he?  If you've been on these pages you know theTea Party and everyone who comments here has been saying all that, everything you just said and everyday since the election.  This was no attack on Lindell.  It is simply factual.  So why didn't Lindell file his lawsuit?  He reminds us of Geraldo and Al Capones' secret chamber with God knows what secrets and treasure.  All of it 100% pure bullschit, sheer self promotion and marketing advertising for him and his pillows, which are over priced at half price.  Lindell made all the claims and then Lindell failed to deliver blaming the GOP.  The GOP sucks.  We all know that and Mike Lindellis a phony baloney and we all have come to know that as well.

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