• Mike Lindell is blaming the RNC for his failure to file a complaint to the Supreme Court.
  • The complaint, which he claimed would overturn the 2020 election, failed to get any signatures.
  • Lindell also attacked RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel for admitting Joe Biden beat Donald Trump. 

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is blaming the Republican National Committee for his failure to submit a complete complaint to the Supreme Court.

Lindell earlier promised his supporters that he would get the lawsuit to the court before Thanksgiving. He has not filed the complaint and instead uploaded a copy of it to his website on Tuesday. But the complaint appeared to be missing key components, including the names and signatures of a plaintiff and counsel.

"We are in uncharted territory as a Nation. The November 2020 election was stolen," the complaint reads. It includes over 70 pages of unverified and unsupported allegations about voter fraud in several states, including Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Lindell has long railed against the results of the 2020 election, despite there being no evidence of widespread voter fraud. He made similar claims about voter fraud when he sat down this month to interview former President Donald Trump for close to 40 minutes at Mar-a-Lago. During the interview, Lindell baselessly identified California, Texas, and Florida as three states where the most votes were "stolen."

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  • The election was stolen and our Republicans leaders did nothing like always they are cowards to defend our country and the people to anyone who tell me the election was fair I said go to hell and I will not donate to the party but to the candidates who stand and fight against the socialist party 

    • Nor should you donate to the Republican Party.  They betrayed us.  They are the enemy.  Without Republicans the Democrats could not have won everything they have won.

  • Who the hell is writing this article ? "No widespread voter fraud" ? just 3-4 counties in a few states turned the tide(and those are the only ones that have been investigated). what else do you need? FRAUD is FRAUD !!

  • To the author,

    What the hell is this comment?

    "despite there being no evidence of widespread voter fraud".

    That is a lie and anyone with a brain knows it.

  • I am ashamed of the Tesparty for publishing this for the RINOS and dnc.  Read the document you are disparaging; it even  has links to the evidence that ronna and mitt do not want you to see.   
    James Good. 

  • If so, I would expect the MAGA pointman and preeminent leader in the GOP to take notice and address the issue in postion assignment, in time.

  • "...the complaint appeared to be missing key components, including the names and signatures of a plaintiff and counsel."  So which is it?  Is Mike Lindell an incompetent for his,  "...failure to submit a complete complaint to the Supreme Court." or is he a fake, a liar and a fraud?  I can tell you one thing with absolute certainity and from first hand experience.  Once he obtains your name, or email adress he will bombard you daily with advertising to buy his pillows, sheets and whatever other over priced  goods he happens to be flogging.  Mike Lindell appears to be an opportunist who knows he only needs to say the right things to atract guillible supporters and soon to be converted customers.  He's a dried out drunk and drug addict turned huckerster, a marketer.

    As for the RNC and Ronna Mc Daniel everyone already knew they are part of the problem, but never forget they do represent a constituency that is perfectly in step with the "Sell out" of America.  A great many Americans are profiting from this global economy and the destruction of America such as the Chamber of Commerce, university professors, the whole of Wall Street and their investors, Hedge Fund managers and all of the financial industry, Silicone Valley.  They are perfectly ok with selling us out and for those of us who having been paying attention, all that has been perfectly apparent for the last 31 years.  The rest of you can just roll over and go back to sleep.  Apparently both you and your understandings aren't necessary, or pertinent to the workings of the world.

    • As long as this is a free constitutional republic, then you have the right to subscribe or not to Mike Lindell's marketing or political advertisements. I agree with many of the responders today that this appears to be just another "hit piece" on those who are still standing with President Trump and his supporters against the corrupt RINO's in the GOP establishment. What part of "selling us out" does not make sense when a free, self-governing citizens refuse to buy what the big government politicians are selling?

    • I must say I am not surprised by your statement, or beliefs.  Why would I be?  Just look at the number of guillible people who buy Mike Lindell's pillows, which are overpriced and can be purchased for less than half almost anywhere.  As far as this still being a free constitutional republic, I'm afraid that ship has long sailed.  Maybe you noticed the stolen election?  Or maybe you are simply unable to put 2 + 2 together?  Peace Rick, I believe your heart is in the right place.

      I can't imagine what would lead anyone to believe this is a hit piece.  Facts are facts and in the end Lindell failed to file his law suit as promised, didn't deliver anything, but marketing and advertising making him and his brand more visible.  

      I suppose the same could be said of Trump the marketer, who is also his own brand.  The both of them, Lindell and Trump are marketers who failed to deliver anything, but visibility for themselves.  I'm willing to accept that Trump may have simply been too naive, or simple minded to comprehend what reforms were needed in America.  I am also willing to concede his heart was probably in the right place, but, if one makes a list of Trump's actual accomplishments one walks away with a blank page.  Conversley, I have read pages of excuses for why Trump didn't, or couldn't get anything accomplished.  They only prove Trump had no idea of what he was all about, or how to accomplish whatever he thought it was he became President to accomplish.  If you bothered to read th ecomments and headlines you would see almost everyone who visits these pages see the GOP establiushment as corrupt globalists.  Your heart may be in the right place, but your brain needs to pay closer attention.

      Of course I will vote for Trump if he runs again.  I can only hope he's learned a thing, or two, but I seriously question he understands very much more much less the actual nature of power.  I doubt it will matter.  Trump will never be allowed to gain the presidency again.

    • "Of course I will vote for Trump if he runs again.  I can only hope he's learned a thing, or two, but I seriously question he understands very much more much less the actual nature of power.  I doubt it will matter.  Trump will never be allowed to gain the presidency again."

      Oh M-Lo..... is the yen to avoid disappontment so keen, that optimism (but not naivete) is penny-pinched in risk?

      English is FUNtastic: Idiom: penny-pincher

      Yes Trump is a political diamond in the rough, but has gained some polish in abrasive refinement. Cheer-up man!

      Risk well, and live or die gloriously!!


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