Must We Respect a Fraudulent President?

Must We Respect a Fraudulent President?
By Christopher Knight

{ } ~ In Georgia this past week, scumbag/liar-Joe Biden rallied a handful of voters in support of Georgia’s Democratic candidates for the United States Senate. The venue was an Atlanta warehouse parking lot that could have passed for scenery from The Walking Dead (in fact, part of the post-apocalyptic “Hunger Games” trilogy was filmed at Pullman Yards). The man who claimed more votes than any other presidential candidate in history was speaking to a bare crowd amid a graffiti-festooned depot. Meanwhile a considerable pro-Trump gathering amassed outside, many bearing signs reading “Where’s Hunter?”

In the long months leading up to the election there was little doubt as to whom the people preferred. Donald Trump’s rallies drew tens of thousands, while  scumbag/liar-Biden’s mustered up a few dozen, if that many.

And then came the election itself.

By now the allegations of voter fraud -- and accompanying evidence -- are well known. There are the statistical impossibilities arising from late-night ballot dumps. The official observers who were prevented from watching. The corruption was made possible by mail-in balloting. And then there is the matter of Dominion Voting Systems machines. One district in Antrim County, Michigan had 660 votes cast -- but there are only six registered voters there. And of those six, three cast ballots. The error rate allowed by the Federal Election Commission is 1 in 250,000 ballots: 0.0008 percent. The error rate of Antrim County machines was a whopping 68.05 percent. There is no reason not to suspect that Dominion’s ballot counting in other states had such “features.”

The matter of unjust measures is brought up at least nine times in the Old Testament. “Divers weights are an abomination unto the Lord; and a false balance is not good,” reads Proverbs 20:23. Absent reverence for holy writings, it still is to be noted: the ballot box is sacred. To violate it is to breach the contract that countless Americans have fought and suffered and died for.

And so circumstances not seen for a century and more have come about. We are faced with someone who will be sworn in as President of the United States… but has not earned true authority.

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  • Time for President Trump to take serious action to save the country as President Lincoln once did and the Construction of the United States give him the power for all he is doing is protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and aboard.

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    • I agree, this Election has all the earmarks of a foreign-funded and organized internal covert 'coup d'état'... The fraudulent theft of this election is exactly how the Marxist overthrow many third world countries... They rig their elections to install a fraudulent government, under the guise of fair elections. They then rapidly move to purge all counter-revolutionaries and parties from the country... murdering untold numbers of dissidents.

      Where is the Intel assessment due on 18 December?  Why is this intel assessment late? Does it show massive Marxist interference with our elections? Did China and Russia either aid internal Marxist assets in the US or externally manipulated the vote in favor of Biden... Did they all work to install a puppet government under the Biden Presidency... Surely, no majority of American's voted for Biden or Harris?  If there is proof of external Marxist interference with our elections it must be seen as an ACT OF WAR and those US Citizens involved are guilty of TREASON.

  • I can predict one thing for sure if Biden becomes president. That China will invade Taiwan and we won't do a damn thing to stop it. We favored the commnunists (Russia & China) in WWII and Biden will do it again. 

  • This filthy, lying, pedophile scum of the earth leftist liberal commie democrat criminal is not the president elect as he lost by a landslide. I will never recognize this pile of shit as president or any other elected office. This evil scumbag should be charged with the crime of high treason and be given the death penalty! The firing squad would be perfect for Satan Biden!

    • a long with the Obama administration they all need to be in jail period.


    • Firing Squad for this crap!


  • When the Official State Bodies of Government fail the people are justified to set them aside to form new governments... as they (the people) deem appropriate to their cause and needs.  Any government which allows rampant and open election fraud to prevail in a contested election is not deserving of its power... in point of fact it has usurped powers only and the people have every right ... no DUTY... to their posterity too set the scales of justice and government aright... by whatever lawful or expedient means necessary.

    Whenever the LAW becomes the People's Master rather than their SERVANT ...  it is time for the people to rise up to establish new laws, as they deem appropriate and needful.  Revolution is in the wind... as a free people will not suffer the abuses of tyrants or oppressive laws. 

    • Yes...time to enforce the Declaration of Independence..this is going to get ugly..God help us!

    • You, too? You are basically saying that Trump doesn't deserve the power since his government allowed the rampant and open election faud when you say, "Any government which allows rampant and open election fraud to prevail in a contested election is not deserving of its power." How disappoiniing! Real American patriots uphold their pledge of allegiance to Trump and to the country no matter what. They don't buckle.

    • What is disappointing is to know that Election Fraud was on the plate for this election in a very big way... and then to discover the President had no EFFECTIVE plan to stop it on Election Day.  Martial Law would have been and remains the only option.  We just witnessed a coup d'état take place thru the vehicle of a fraudulent election.  That covert act of war calls for the use of the most expedient and effective means to secure our Constitutional Government from the authors of the coup. 

      Since the DOJ and FBI refused to enforce the laws of the United States or to recognize the Election Fraud and the Federal and State Courts have chosen to dismiss the evidence of Election Fraud without a just hearing... It then falls to the President... to defend the US Constitution, not to you and I or any number of private Citizens. The power to TAKE CARE that the Law be faithfully executed is the PRESIDENT'S CONSTITUTIONAL POWER and it is his duty to perform.   So, who else is responsible for taking the needed action to restore Constitutional Government in our Republic? Big Bird or maybe Tarzan or Bat Man?

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