Must We Respect a Fraudulent President?

Must We Respect a Fraudulent President?
By Christopher Knight

{ } ~ In Georgia this past week, scumbag/liar-Joe Biden rallied a handful of voters in support of Georgia’s Democratic candidates for the United States Senate. The venue was an Atlanta warehouse parking lot that could have passed for scenery from The Walking Dead (in fact, part of the post-apocalyptic “Hunger Games” trilogy was filmed at Pullman Yards). The man who claimed more votes than any other presidential candidate in history was speaking to a bare crowd amid a graffiti-festooned depot. Meanwhile a considerable pro-Trump gathering amassed outside, many bearing signs reading “Where’s Hunter?”

In the long months leading up to the election there was little doubt as to whom the people preferred. Donald Trump’s rallies drew tens of thousands, while  scumbag/liar-Biden’s mustered up a few dozen, if that many.

And then came the election itself.

By now the allegations of voter fraud -- and accompanying evidence -- are well known. There are the statistical impossibilities arising from late-night ballot dumps. The official observers who were prevented from watching. The corruption was made possible by mail-in balloting. And then there is the matter of Dominion Voting Systems machines. One district in Antrim County, Michigan had 660 votes cast -- but there are only six registered voters there. And of those six, three cast ballots. The error rate allowed by the Federal Election Commission is 1 in 250,000 ballots: 0.0008 percent. The error rate of Antrim County machines was a whopping 68.05 percent. There is no reason not to suspect that Dominion’s ballot counting in other states had such “features.”

The matter of unjust measures is brought up at least nine times in the Old Testament. “Divers weights are an abomination unto the Lord; and a false balance is not good,” reads Proverbs 20:23. Absent reverence for holy writings, it still is to be noted: the ballot box is sacred. To violate it is to breach the contract that countless Americans have fought and suffered and died for.

And so circumstances not seen for a century and more have come about. We are faced with someone who will be sworn in as President of the United States… but has not earned true authority.

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  • HELL NO!! Trump is THE MAN and I respect him and will follow him and defend him!!! So HELP ME GOD!

    • Agree with you


  • Donald J. Trump will be the only real POTUS until January 20, 2025.  Joe and Hoe be damned ....

  • He will never be my President nor his so called VP have my respect. I will say what I want about them.The way they reated Trump and his family? No way. what goes around comes around and here we come. Dementia Joe and slut Harris

  • I do not and will not recognize Biden as the President of the country.  He's a compromised, corrupt man along with his son and brother as is most of the democrats now in office and out.

  • Anyone not acknowledging Trump as the rightful president of the United States of America is a traitor to Trump and therefore to the country.

    We the people also need to support our president no matter what. You know that the communists are coming after him once he leaves office. They may not chant it but their goal is to "lock him up". We need to protect Trump from these destructive forces after he dedicated his tremendous talents for the good of this country. He made America great again and we owe him unlimited gratitude. 

    • Paul

      You are right on and we all need to support and protect President Trump

  • It only takes one .... then one becomes a chorus of canaries 🤣🤣🤣☝🙏

    Ruby Freeman (the Democrat suitcase blonde-braid woman in GA) has been arrested! She has acknowledged to law enforcement and investigators her role in the Fulton County methods of GOP witness complaints and the after hours ballot scheme count. She has confirmed her training and the DNC election directives - directly implicating coordination by Stacy Abrams - in the intentional mishandling and processing of mass ballot counts. She also has implicated and named Dominion Officials in Fulton County in charge of the ballot machines engaged and confirmed methods on jump drives to tabulator changes at the adjudication.

    • Marty

      Thats not all the will be exposed. There wil be more.

This reply was deleted.